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  1. Those look great! You have now got me interested in them
  2. My feet were fine. I've been able to make it 4-5 hours in these before my feet start to hate me. Trying to beat cancer kinda takes priority over wearing heels in my book
  3. Outing went good. Did some shopping but didn't really find anything worth buying. So I went and did my groceries and headed home. I hope to get out again soon!
  4. Tonight's outfit! Went out and did some shopping, then grocries on the way home
  5. I got out tonight to do a little Christmas shopping, also to look for some cool new shoes.
  6. I would love to have a pair of these! Who makes them?
  7. Funny you say that, I was just looking at their wedge boots! But they are all listed as rain boots so I'm unsure how warm they would be..
  8. Well it snowed here overnight. So this morning as I was snowblowing the driveway I thought I don't have any snowblowing heels. Then that got me thinking that I might actually have to look into getting some lol
  9. I felt like wearing my new skirt and new boots today so I went to tjmax and kohls. Didn't find anything cool just ended up buying some new pantyhose at kohls. I ended up making the cashier blush. She couldn't see my lower half over ther counter, as she scanned the hosiery she jokingly said these will look great on you. So I stepped backwards into her view and said I think so too with a smile on my face. She got all red and gave me a compliment on my outfit
  10. So far I haven't found anything I can't do in heels. Well at least not in my day to day life, there are plenty of things I shouldn't do in heels...
  11. I'm in southern maine a lot closer to NH then orono.
  12. Got out for a little shopping trip last night, bought some new lighter blue skinny jean's. I think they go better with more colors than my darker pair.
  13. Haha not really. The colors were a bit odd looking in the picture. So black and white fixed that.
  14. I just scored a pair of nine west wedge knee boots and a pair of aldo ankle boots for $10 each at a local thrift store. Both new never worn I can't wait to wear them out!
  15. I just scored a pair of nine west wedge knee boots and a pair of aldo ankle boots for $10 each at a local thrift store. Both new never worn
  16. She knows about 3 pairs that I have (not about the two new boots) and have worn around the house. She kinda just laughed when I told her. But she did once say it's a turn off for her as she thinks of heels as being very feminine. We have talked briefly but sometime soon I will bring it up again, in more detail.
  17. It may look it but I am not the musician. That would be my girlfriend, she is the talented one in that department. Yes I would say I fall into that category. I'm not trying to crossdress and look like a woman I'm just more accessorizing my heels She knows about a few of my heels and I will eventually tell her about the rest of it. I know my desire won't diminish since its only been getting stronger over the past 10 years or so.
  18. Little shopping trip tonight bought these!
  19. Went shopping today and bought some new boots! Can't wait to wear them out!
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