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  1. Just seen that ASOS's new Tall Collection includes a range of shoes from Shoesissima, in sizes UK 8-12 US 10-14. Anyone have any experience with these?
  2. I'm a little surprised at the negativity towards tattooing/piercing here. This is after all a community of people who push the boundaries of "normal". I have nipple piercings and a PA, but tattooing means much more to me. I started at the age of 21 with a tiny piece, hidden well away. Since then I've acquired full sleeves, large leg pieces and am currently getting my backpiece done. I'm extremely comfortable going about my daily life with my tattoos on view. I was incredibly shy as a child, and oddly enough, being heavily tattooed has helped me out of my shell, I guess. I'm much more confident now. The "high" I get from adding to my tattoos was certainly matched on the first time I found the courage to walk into our local alternative store and ask to try on a pair of heeled sandals! But curiously, I don't yet feel anywhere near ready to go out in my heels. I'm not enormously concerned what I'll look like "when I'm older". I'm already 50 and can foresee rather more serious issues cropping up during my remaining years! By the way, I hold a fairly senior position in an international software company. Nobody has ever suggested that being tattooed makes me in any way less qualified for my job, nor have I ever missed out on promotion because of the tattoos.
  3. Hi Jim, I see from your profile that you're 22. At that age, you're really no longer a child, but it sounds like your father treats you like one. Maybe he thinks he's helping you in some way. You are certainly your own man, but while you're under your father's roof, I think you probably have to either accept what he says for now, or at least be very discreet. In the longer term, maybe you need to save what you can, and start thinking about moving to a place of your own or sharing with some more tolerant/open-minded people - maybe a student place or something? Whatever you choose, I wish you every success.
  4. All these stories ring so true. I've been fascinated by women's shoes since I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I don't really know why, but they're a turn on I suppose. I prefer wearing "unisex" styles - or at least stuff that women wear - gladiator sandals, flipflops, Doc Martens, even the dreaded Birkenstocks and Crocs. Guys shoes are just so boring in comparison. Recently I found out that a local indie clothing shop imported Pleasers, so I was able to get some real heels of my own - the sandals you see in the avatar and a pair of lace-up knee boots with a similar heel. The owner is totally cool. She encouraged me to try on a pair of thigh boots with a black miniskirt - which looked far better on me than I'd have imagined. I wouldn't consider myself a crossdresser (much respect to those that are), and I'm not considering wearing any of this gear outside. But I've never been to a kink party. And that kind of environment where everyone is dressed up might be fun. Sometimes you think you "can't" do something - but in reality you CAN. Just got to give yourself permission.
  5. If you can get by without trying them on, then have a look at some of the Chinese sites. Aliexpress have a range of very high heels in large sizes. They're not horrendously expensive. Alternatively, Pleasers have a range of heels up to 7" (see my avatar for example). There are UK websites selling these. You may also find them in alternative shops. I know Anna Bee in Oasis in B'ham used to sell them - I'm not 100% if she's still there tho'.
  6. Interesting point about them offering your role to the temp. That strongly suggests your position wasn't redundant. The company is therefore on very shaky ground unless your performance has been dire or you've done something to damage their reputation. I agree with Mikeheel. Lawyer up.
  7. Sorry to hear about your job. Hope you have better kick in your next role. Oh, and beware of HR people using the word "transitioning". It's just a word they use for "firing". Helps 'em sleep better at night. Luck not kick... stupid auto correct
  8. Name: Tim Age: 50 Gender: M Location: Israel Occupation: Account manager Height: 6' / 1.83 Weight: 100kg Shoe size: UK 10/EU 44 What's your favourite heel style: Block What's your favourite shoe style: Platform sandals or boots Do you wear your heels outside: Nonono... maybe one day Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: As needed Anything else you wish to add: Been fascinated by heels. especially platforms since I was a kid in the 70s (and there were a LOT of platforms around then, for both gals and guys). Same fascination with tattoos. After much prevarication, I finally realised that I had to give myself permission to get tattooed. It wasn't anyone else's business. And recently, it occurred to me that the same applied to buying and wearing heels. So a couple of weeks ago I got my first pair of platform sandals. I can't even begin to explain how happy that makes me
  9. Thanks for the kind welcome. I gather from lurking round the forums that I'm not alone in loving heels. Looking forward to taking part in the discussions :-)
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