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  1. I look at both those girls and want to stuff a cheezeburger down their throats. Its one thing to be fit and skinny but I bet they swallow their fingers more then real nurishment. Its sad but a LOT of the girls today want those thigh-gap figures and will destroy themselves in order to look a certain way.


    Skinny-shaming is as bad as fat-shaming. Stop judging.



    Being skinny in my case has to do with regular exercise, genetics and not eating fat rich food.


    Completely OT, but it's not fat that make you fat, it's sugar.. ;)
  2. Im under the belief that it will, at the cost of MILLIONS of lives. One side wishes to push the other until something is going to give. Thus, I feel, EVERYONES liberty AND the functionality of their lives is in question.


    Its quite unfortunate that all too many people are so narrow minded to the point they wish to point out one group and not look at their own. The vision you wish to see of people waking up wont happen in your lifetime my friend. We will see utter chaos instead. Its the path they have chosen and wont deviate from it.


    While Hoverfly feels right-wingers are ' funny ', what reality says is those same individuals are the ones whom are more capable to survive then basket weavers and hippies. They dont ' need a village '. All they need is a Colt and a few days provisions to restart their lives.


    So, with the ' funny ' comment, it starts to boil down to *trust*. Whom can one trust? Those whom *think* they are better then everyone else and mock others OR those whom say ' live your life as you choose '? 


    Thus I feel all the left wingers can go away. To those whom are productive in their lives, leftists really arent needed and become boat anchors at best.


    I grow my own food and not a single one of those pieces of trash ( leftists ) will be ' entitled ' to a single morsel when the days of shortages come. Its how they want things to be. If they dont starve, dissentairy and their own kind will prey upon each other. Look at Chicago as a perfect example of their core.



    I dont have to feed ( provide food ) to the narrow minded of their ilk. Many others feel the same as I. They ( leftists ) will never understand exactly ' why ' and they feel they should be as they are, everyone else is ' funny ' or ' underneath ' them.


    Leftists dont understand how their agenda has further promoted the deepest divide this Nation has seen since the Civil War.


    Civil War 2 is right around the corner.




    It wont. Its one thing to offer someone something, its another to PUSH or FORCE it onto someone. You cannot FORCE someone to tolerate or accept anything. If anything, it was a negative impact on the whole thing of ' men in heels ' and all the progress that has been made was just tossed away in the headlines.


    Now, there is going to be a stipulation of ' transexual ' of any man seen in heels due to the associations made in that parade. Any credibility that was established.. it just took a huge step backwards.


    Im not religious. Nobody can tell me theres a ' God ' and I will HAVE to believe/follow such a thought. If it was written into law that I ' Had ' to follow a ' God ' I would be in jail for non compliance.


    THAT is the main problem with people today. If we were allowed to have the liberties of non-indoctrination in Government, Schools and other ' Social ' means, Humanity would be a whole lot better. People are at their best when they make decisions for themselves and arent told what to do.


    All you need is just an inkling of a provocation, and off on a tangent you go! Pretty hillarious actually.

  3.  The men were, for the most part, unappealing, hardly models from the pages of GQ.


    Didn't you read the text? "the men who work in the dealership turned the camera on themselves."

    The photo layout could have worked very well if they weren't trying to emulate feminine poses.


    How do you define a "feminine" pose?

    I think that the dealer may have intended the whole business as a light-hearted spoof of other bike photography.



    EXACTLY. I think it's an excellent satire of the whole concept of women being used as decorative objects together with vehicles such as motorcycles or cars, wich is incredibly stupid and sexist.

  4. I beg to differ.  OTK boots just cover the knee and leave the thigh exposed. 


    If the shaft reaches the knee, it's a knee high boot, if the shaft reaches the thigh, it's a thigh high boots. Very simple. And very few shafts actually reaches the crotch. Thankfully.

  5. If I remember my biology lessons correct, the knee is connected to the thigh, so any boot shaft that is over the knee, is thigh high. Quite silly to differentiate the two. My theory is that the phrase "over the knee-boots" have been coined by people who fear that "thigh high boots" is generally associated with the image of prostitution and want to give it a more "fashion-proof" name.

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