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  1. I think it is "normal" that some gay people (as Ashley, btw isn't it a female name ?) are getting out of the closet with heels. After all, when someone or some attitude is called "gay", it is often because it relates with "displaying one's emotions", which is not acceptable for "straight" men, only for women. So if it a man displaying his emotions, he should be "gay" isn't it ? There is nothing sexual about it.
  2. At least spectators have a different viewpoint and more time to think. That also prevent them to fully understand some whys. What I don't understand is that, while I agree with the crypto currency's supporters view that economy should not be controlled by only one organisation (e.g. one central bank per money), you could have come with other ideas than giving trying to give the control to every user. For example, in our Ve republic in France, the powers are shared by 3 independant chambers, and it seems to work. We could have chosen 10 though. Anyway, in the end the blockchain w
  3. Yep. Except there, the only place where I see high fashion is in the ads for fragrances during the mi-temps. At least high fashion does also its part. There is no reason to expect from it, but there is no reason do deny it. Do you except from Shyheels' part ?
  4. Alphax is right. I prefer buying chinese shoes on aliexpress because the sizes are so well described (they put the length of the shoe for each "size" they make). On the other hand, you may be eligible to returns and refunds on Ebay, but missing the sizing information is a no go. Another option is to look for payless shoes on Amazon, available internationally !!
  5. Well you could argue entertainment totally completes food and houses for sustaining human life. Also it is possible that my starting hypothesis ("everybody on the planet adopts Bitcoin") is proved wrong. Instead of creating more than 21 million Bitcoins, they create another currency that increases the volume of money. And another. And another. Until all the assets are covered. Did you try to get dollars back from Bitcoins ?
  6. This is only the beginning of the scheme. There are one side effect and one viscious effect. 1) within the ever deflating bitcoin world, people stop producing. Why would you farm land, build houses, innovate now while the grain, materials and engineering is cheaper next year ? 2) those who are not satisfied by the cards they got at Bitcoin can create a new BitcoinLike currency, in which they are rich because first. This is like shuffling the cards and redistributing them once again, with people willing to convert their assests in this more promising new currency. (as you did Kneehighs i
  7. Surprizingly not that pricey. http://www.cross-sword.com/shop
  8. Absolutely. It is not a Maddof scheme by the exact definition of the Ponzi scheme. It is a Maddof scheme by its massively devastating and deceiving effects on the economy. In short, Bitcoin aims at redistributing the cards between the rich and the poors. The ones converting first their values in bitcoins will become the new riches in a bitcoin world. The ones converting their values late will become the new poors. Conquest with the use of hacking weapons is possible. A bit like when civilisations got land. The ones controlling first valuable land (e.g containing oil wells or gem
  9. I see it now. This is ridiculously simple. Suppose everybody on the planet adopts Bitcoin, then everything on earth that had a price or a value will have to be among the 21 millions a way or another. It should have been shared from the beginning. Eg. one square kilometers of land is worth one (I don't know)th of the earth total valuable land, thus is it worth one (same fraction)th of 21 million Bitcoins. Even lower to take into account everything existing. Even lower to take into account everything that is going to be created in the future. Wow how can you decide ? But the first
  10. What strikes me is that because Bitcoin is web/internet/new/hype/ashtag/crypto etc. people don't think of it as a regular money. As a regular money, bitcoin shows a high deflation rate, isn't it ? That means, e.g. your house paid 1000 bitcoins a year ago, now is only worth 500 bitcoins, and is expected to be only worth 100 bitcoins the following year. The results are well known : you will never be able to sell the house when your job is moved, because in this context, people prefer delaying their investments to the year after (when the house is worth even less) and stop consuming. Thus y
  11. Jeremy, You could try this look https://www.instagram.com/p/BaRyFPBBJsb/?taken-by=jonathanmhooper
  12. Basic reaction: people have to say something about your shoes, but will not tell it. Instead they will comment on an insignificant detail, and hope you understand the remaining of their thought.
  13. Yet they could suddently increase by one million at any time.... Well or more... Kind of remember me an old story with a sword threatening a guy's head http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-26/satoshi-secrets-why-nearly-4-million-bitcoins-are-lost-forever Finally, there’s the question of what became of the bitcoins belonging to Satoshi, the pseudonymous creator of the crypto-currency, who has not been not been heard from since 2011. Chainalysis says wallets associated with Satoshi represent about 1 million bitcoins (the company will provide a more specific figure later this year), an
  14. Yes he targets high ranking men with top of the line products. But these are the most conformist also.
  15. A new initiative, as a crowd funded project I suppose. Nicely put I find https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIK1Rzt_nL8 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cross-sword/cross-sword-hand-crafted-luxury-high-heels-for-men?lang=fr
  16. I thought it was a joke: with the words "Escrow" and Kedar "Iyer" in the same text. Escrow ressembles "escroc" in french (crook)
  17. I read a series of articles in "Science & Vie" magazine (french) (or was it "La rercherche" I can't remember?) about blockchain. There was one paragraph or two about the problems, I will try to sum it up here: 1) downloading the whole blockchain and having it updated takes time and memory, you can't do it on a smartphone that easily. So in practice only fragments of the blockchain will be available for decision making, thus leaving room for trichery. 2) Mining one transaction requires time. Not because the mining process is long, but conserversely the mining process is intended t
  18. sorry I posted this twice. But the article kind of disappeared now.
  19. A nice article http://www.konbini.com/us/lifestyle/john-benge-man-in-heels-fashion-gender-fluidity/ refering also to this one http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/30/i-dont-need-vogues-permission-to-wear-stilettos-men-in-heels-is-and-has-always-been-ok-6878051/
  20. When you have doubts something may be strange, try to see who is going to immediately benefit from this. This message tells (OK bitcoin is not the only blockchain), but nevertheless, it tells : "look, folks, my new product is going to be used by [insert here a well known and financially sound potential user], it is time to invest massively in my company". And what it implies, is: "and the minute after you invest, I take my interests back and jump in the first plane to [insert here a place with a lot of sun]"
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