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  1. They don't advertise the boots...I commission each order...they normally just make extreme heel shoes... You have to order through me...I do all the communication direct with the factory.. look at the pictures I have posted..they can make in none-platform and platforms, any design, material, colour..they are the only manufacturer who can make custom boots with a covered platform..
  2. Hi, I have sourced at manufacturer in the Far East..I order direct from the factory. They can do boots with 8, 10, 12 and 16 inch heels..extreme arch - 16cm. Any size, colour, genuine calfskin leather.
  3. They are custom made but approx. a 43/44 I'm based in Liverpool, UK.
  4. Just uploaded a few images...looking for an attractive woman to model and have some fun!
  5. I've just had some 16" heel boots made...these have a 16cm/6.3" arch with hidden platform...they look terrific! I recently ordered some extreme boots from these people. They got the leg dimensions completely wrong and have refused to do anything about it. Now for sale.
  6. Hi, Ive just had some boots custom made with 16 inch heels...took only 10 days to have them made. Superb quality..black calfskin and lined in red kid. They measure 47 inches from top to tip of heel.
  7. A girl's height is not necessarily a good guide to shoe size...I had a girlfriend who was 6'1.5" but only took a UK6!
  8. I'm a Liverpudlian and have no time for the likes of her at all....
  9. I ordered some 7.5" heels from the site you mention - arrived in 5 days from China - perfect product, exactly as ordered. Don't knock something until youv'e tried it!
  10. He contacted me today to advise my order had been completed at the factory and should be here by early next week. Suggest you add the seller as a favourite in ebay and the system will advise you when the seller has more items for sale.
  11. Hi, Boots arrived Friday- only three days delivery from Germany. Came in a nice heavy quality slide out presentation box and wrapped in their own draw string covers/bags. They are the real thing, an astonishing 19.5cm/7.75" heel!!!! Unless you have a very high arch, they are not walkable...but I have 2 ladies I know who can walk in 16.5cm/6.5" heels who will be having a go in the near future. I did post a link to some pics (not mine) but your moderator deemed them "fetish filth"! I will try and gets some pics of these boots and post soon!
  12. I had a girlfriend who was 6'2"..and only had size 6UK feet!
  13. The seller has a direct contact with the factory and can order you any boots from a range of about 30 colours - although they are not leather but I'm sure he could probably get them made in leather for a price. They are made to roder and take about 20 days to deliver from date of order. Mine should be here in just over a week if everything goes to plan. Also ordered a pair from the German ebay seller although these are only available in patent.
  14. I just bought a pair of OTK boots from River Island which were featured in a lot of style blogs etc. You may still find a pair but I had to ring round a lot of their shops to find a pair. You can also get some copies but only in PU with a slightly lower 5.25" heel. They are black leather, just over the knee but have a unique brass buckle/stud detail around the ankle and have a 51/2" heel with a 1" platform and a zip to mid calf - all top quality - made in Brazil. Style/model is 577074 - Bliss Modern and retailed at £110 although they were apparently £149 when they first went on sale- I paid
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