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  1. i got a size 12 and they fit perfect,
  2. i ordered a new pair of heels the other day they should be here by the end of the week. this is my first pair of pumps i got them in black i think they will look amazing paired with a pair of black latex stockings and black leather jeans!! http://www.darksideenterprises.com/Hollwood+Heels-HOLLYWOOD+HEELS-PUMPS/c81_83/p4848/Hollywood+Heels-SideStep/product_info.html
  3. i have worn them about 4 times now for a few hours each time, i attempted to stand once and only once, it hurt like crazy and i wont be doing it again. so now the only way of getting around in them is by either crawling or scooting around in my computer chair with wheels.
  4. i finally took the plunge and bought a pair of devious patent ankle ballet boots. this is my first evening with them and i have worn them for about 4 hours straight, no walking tho just sitting in the recliner watching tv. im hooked i have never felt anything like this before
  5. i came home from work today and went to get the mail, i finally got them, 1 pair of devious patent ankle ballet boots. i showed my fiance' she said oh wow my ankles hurt just looking at those but too bad you have to wear them all night not me! we went out for a quick drink and an appetizer than came home, she decided that she was going to cook dinner and instructed me to sit in the recliner infront of the tv and put on my boots, and so here i sit aparently they are to stay on untill bed time. so far so good, i have not even attempted to stand in them as i am still getting used to my feet being forced into a perfect point.
  6. well after consulting with my fiance' i pulled the trigger. we decided on a pair of ankle boots instead of knee boots, she liked the look a little better and they were cheaper. also i went with the patent ones since i plan on wearing them with latex thigh highs, i think they will match better. as for chopping the heel that wont be happening because these boots will not be walked in, i can barely walk in my 6" knee boots so we got these almost as a form of bondagethat way when they are put on my feet i am stuck wherever i put them on:thumbsup: they should be here next week so i am tryng to wear my 6" heels all evening every evening untill they show up so i can train my feet a little bit for the severe arch of the ballet heels.
  7. i absolutely plan on trying this again but this time with some 5" heels, i can walk in those alot easier than 6" heels. hopefully we can try it again soon
  8. i did it!!!! i got out of work at 2:00 on saturday and came home for a relaxing afternoon with my fiance, i get home and she is sitting on the bed with my boots in front of her. she looks at me and says we didnt get to do this the other night so we are doing it right now, so put em on and we are going to vip (adult store). so i procede to put on my 6" knee boots and a pair of baggy jeans. we walked out the front door(which was very exhilleration) and got in my car which is a manual transmission, needless to say it was not a fun drive across town. but we made it and walked in the store, there were probably 10 people in the store we slowly wandered around my 6" heels clicking on the tile floor the whole time and picked some movies to watch, none of the customers even noticed but one of the employees walked by the isle we were in 3-4 times and than again with another employee when we were at the register but no one said anything. we walked out to the exit where the cashier handed me the movies and looked straight down at my feet than smiled i smiled back and click clacked out the door holding my fiance's hand, we got in the car and headed home to finish our relaxing afternoon. it was extremely fun and quite a rush. i was very nervous at first but as soon as i got out of the car in that parking lot i realized that there was nothing i could do anyway so i should just have fun. and that is what i did. the 6" heels were a bit much i couldnt drive in them and they were killing me by the time i got home( maybe 30 minutes total) but i enjoyed it so maybe next time ill do it in 5" heels and see what happens:clap:
  9. ok im set on the pleaser/devious(whatever the brand is) knee high boots. i am ready to buy them now but i nkeed to know about the sizing i usually wear a us size 12 heel and it fits but is snug so my feet dont move around at all in them. should i stick with that size or go 1 size up in the ballet heels?
  10. wow !!!!! almosh had my first public heeling adventure today. my fiance was texting with me while i was at work, she decided that she wanted me to come straight home after work and put on my 6" heel knee high boots and my girls stretch boot cut jeans untill i went to bed. later we decided that we wanted to go to the local adult store and find something fun to watch tonight, than she informed me that this did not change her previous plan, i was to come home get changed into my boots and jeans and than we would go out to the store!!!! i asked her if she was serious and if doing this would embarass her? she said she was totally serious and nothing could embarass her plus she wanted me to take my hobby out of the house to see if i could really walk anywhere other than from the couch to the kitchen to the bathroom and back. a few more hours of work to go i got tired and came home drained she was too so we decided that tonight was not a good night to start such an adventure, so we ordered chineese food and watched tv instead. but this really makes things interesting!!!! knowing what is to come
  11. thats good to know thanks. fortunately(or unfortunately) for me these will not be walked in they are so my fiance can keep me put when she wants to.
  12. i am purchasing my first pair of ballet boots, i want knee high ones, so far the cheapest price i found was $106 for patent ones from pleaser on amazon.com. is this a good price, are those good boots or should i look elsewhere? i doubt i will ever walk in these, my fiance wants me to wear them as a form of bondage, so i cant go anywhere we are even contemplating cutting off the heels all together so i am totally unable to walk while wearing them
  13. i told her about all of the shoe related stuff that i was interested in and i showed her a pair of ballet boots, she said how the hell can you walk in something like that? i told her i probably couldnt and she decided that she loved that idea. a pair of heels so extreme that i couldnt even walk in them, so now im getting a pair of knee high ballet boots so she can keep me immobile whenever she wants
  14. i have been wearing heels (knee high boots to be exact) for about 6 months now every now and again in my apartment, my fiance is totally aware of it but for quite a while she just said if you like it go for it but im not a big fan, she didnt mind it but she kept her distance. last weekend she came home from work on friday after having a horible stressfull week and was in a really gloomy mood so i took her shopping for a new look to liven her up (something i have never done before). i bought her a whole new outfit of stuff that i always thought she would look very sexy in but knew she would never buy for herself, this outfit included a pair of purple aldo heels with almost a 5" heel http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/pumps/peep-toe/71773019-fororssa/53. she fell in love with them because they were actually well made heels so even being that high they were comfortable and they were her favorite color. since than she wore them out once to dinner but today she decided that she would try to wear them all day at work, she did!!!! but when she came home she took them off and told me how much her feet hurt, i told her it was worth it because they looked sooooo hot. she smiled and laughed and went into the bedroom. she emerged a few minutes later carrying my knee high boots with 6" stilletto heels she told me to put them on right now till she said i could take them off!!! she said since i wore those shoes all day you get to wear these boots all night. this was at 5:00 it is now 12:00 and im still wearing them because she has not told me i could remove them yet and she is now sound asleep in bed. while we watched tv she said that she really loved the purple heels and she wants to learn how to wear them for longer periods of time with out it hurting, but she said if she wears them too much it will shape her feet into "barbie feet" so i said i thought since she liked them so much and they looked so so hot it was worth it!! she said that she would do it but if she was going to get "barbie feet" i was too. so the agreement is that every day that she wears them or any other pair of equally high heels i have to wear my boots all evening that same day. sorry for the novel but im very excited about this!!!
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    are those mens or womens jeans they seem very snug on the top half to be mens.
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