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  1. Hello Ilse I'd love to know how you've developed? Did you become a permanent 4" high heels Woman ? I'd love to know you better!

  2. No, not yet Roger. but today i'll bring from one of my friends a good pair of heels, and i'll take the heels off, so tomorrow i'll know if i can sleep all night with heels. Ilse
  3. No i don't need to permanent high heeled woman for the wedding. i just want to do it as fast as possible, iam not a kid any more, i walking with 4 inch heels for 20 years now, and my permanent short in my tendons is only for 2.5 inch heels. i want to have the feeling that i can't walk without 4 inch heels. i like it. so, this is me... i hear a little bit about susan, is she still here (at the forum) sometime ? how she did it ? how long she tried until she achieve her permanent shortened tendons.
  4. Thx Roger. i have family in Israel, and i am going to a wedding. so i want to be ready i want to talk with someone that has even the smallest sorthened in her tendons. i think i am the only one that have it here.
  5. Roger, you really have some good ideas, and yesterday i tried sleep with 3.5 inch mules ( just to check if i can) and it was ok... even a little bit fun, but i took it off in the middle of the night - i don't even know why. so i think i will go to find tomorrow some 5 inch mules for bed. HighBoots Wrote: did you actually try this ? it is too much for me... mmm.... what else ? what i can do more ? Someone think i could achieve that in 4 months ? - i flying to Israel in April, so i want to be ready .
  6. Hi Roger. 5" heels is not a big problem for me, so i can do it for 12 hours a day. but you actually know someone that sleep with them every night ? i think it's impossible. i tried that. the heels stuck everywere in the bed. i know that if ihad something that hold my foot in the position of my heels will help, but what is this something ? btw. sydney is very nice, i was there before 2 weeks, beautiful... i love it, but it was hard for me to walk in the southern city Hi laurie. when i was young, i also thought that i can't become a permanent high heeled woman. but after 5 or 6 years in the
  7. I hope she have advice for me... I really can't imagine myself wearing 12 hours a day, every day 6 inch heels without taking them off. for me 4 inch heels it's another story. it's like part of my body, and i can't imagine myself without them. yesterday i red about foot benders at spook site, and this is also too much for me. i want to shortened my tendons to 4 inch heels via a natrual way - just walking with heels all day, i like it so much. so...
  8. Hi Dr... i can easly wear 6 inch heels, but i can't sleep with heels. i tried it and i find it impossible for me to fall a sleep with any heels on. but if i will wear 4" heels for 12 hours everyday - you think it will be enough for shortened my tendons. and stellah, i like the idea of being always in heels, it's excite me very much. so i want to be unable to walk without 4" heels. (my faorite heel size)
  9. my name is Ilse. At age of 13 I put on my first pair of high heeled shoes which my dad bought me for my new summer-dress. I loved them a lot, and since that day, I`ve been in my heels more or less permanently. I just wore them all the time. The toes were pushed into the middle of my feet, and I guess since I was only 13 years old, my feet was not grown finished, so I kind of grew into high heels. Now, 22 years later, I`m stuck in my heels for the rest of my life. I can`t flatten my foot anymore. My toes are permanently bent into the middle of the feet, as in all lady`s pumps. But it`s ok, I`v
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