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  1. Here is Part 3 Part 3 Getting of the bus I had to cross a park to get to the garage. There was a small flea market with curio's to view and I thought I'd go and see what was on offer. The vendors had set up their stands on a grassy area, which had been flattened by the constant motion of people walking between the stands. The compacted grass was easier to walk on as it offered some form of firmness for my stiletto's that kept on wanting to sink into it. I didn't mind this sinking as I always found some sensuality in it. If my heels dominate a surface (which is more often than not!) it thrills me and excites me tremendously. Not only does it have this working on me, but I find that guys often get caught up and excited in this event too! I was well aware of this and I often would test guys out to see if they had a hidden fetish, to see if I could stir and excite some part of them that would put them under my spell. (Yep...this was fun!) I continued walking around browsing through the items on sale when I became aware of someone following me. I was not threatened as I noticed he was showing a keen (but subdued) interest in the little spike marks my stiletto's were leaving in the grassy pathways. He did not want to make it obvious so he very subtly crouched and touched the displaced soil where my heels had penetrated and once or twice put his finger into the thin holes my stiletto's had made. I only noticed this as I secretly peeked at him as I turned around the corner and looked back at his behaviour and actions. It had been a full ten minutes already and he was still discreetly following me. I noticed that he had taken his cell phone out and was pointing the camera lens at the ground where I had been standing. "Taking photos of my stiletto marks, eh!" I thought... this could be another opportunity to "catch my prey"... So, what was I going to do to this mesmerised fella? What would you do if you were me? If you want to reply, post a message OR Go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stilettosensual/post Part 3 Continued… What I did... I decided to backtrack and to catch him from behind. I walked quickly around the back of the vendor stands and peeking around the opposite corner I saw him in front of me, still crouching and snapping off pictures of the marks where my heels had penetrated the grassy soil. It was a perfect place to surprise him as it was in a fairly secluded area that was hidden by some larger stands and canopies. I walked up to him and said in a seductive voice, "What are you doing?" He turned in surprise and shock and was totally speechless..."Umm hum? Ahh!!" I was in a very dominant position right there, and smiled inwardly. I blurted out, "Quiet, let me put this scenario straight..." "How dare you take photos of my heel marks without my permission?! They belong to me and you have no right unless I have given you rights... Do you understand?!" "Yes ma'am", was his only response. It was at this point that I smiled and then burst out in laughter. "Let’s get straight with each other. You have a stiletto fetish, not so?" "I guess I do, but this is very embarrassing! I have never been caught out except for now!" "It's no problem and no issue... many men (and women) have a stiletto fetish". So how about I ease your sensual pains and give you a morning you will never forget!" I got him to delete the pictures he had taken of my heel marks on his cell phone and told him that I would give him a better set of heel marks, as well as an opportunity to see them close up. We went around the back of a stand where it was really private. And there I started to sink my heels into the grass to create some really deep and clear holes. I stood on the grass and slowly rocked back on my heels. As my weight came over the sharp spikes I felt how the cut into the roots and started to sink. It’s a really sensual feeling to feel ones heels penetrate the grass. Firstly I feel my heels start to sink. Then as the heel tips sink they will find a thick root and stop sinking. The root starts to offer some form of resistance to the sinking heel, but as the pressure mounts on it, it inevitably gives in and tears or snaps that I can hear the heels break it. At this point there is no more resistance and the heel just slides in like a hot knife through butter. This release is so divine as the pressure is suddenly released and the tension in my ankles is relaxed. I continued to tread, up and down, pumping my sharp spikes into the turf as I created some deep and clear holes. Deep inside me, I got so sensually worked up that I felt I was flying! It was so nice!! "There, how about those for some deep stiletto marks. You can take some pictures of those." Needless to say, his eyes were lit up and I could see the excitement on his face. I had one more idea up my sleeve. Once he had pictures all those heel marks, I told him that as I did a favour to him, he owed me something. "You have to clean my heels... They are all soiled and dirty now, so it’s your duty to clean them off." Without further question, he sat down on the park bench and asked me to give him my shoes. I walked up to him and lifted my one foot onto his lap. As I positioned it on his leg, I purposefully pressed down on my heel that it pushed in deep into his leg. "Aargh.., oohh, aah!" That hurt, but it felt sooo gooood! I loved to do this. It’s like passing my talons into my prey after I catch them. And it feels so necessary, so natural, and oh so good for me too! I noticed my heels had left a deep dark soiled mark on his pants. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped it all the way down the pencil thin metal shaft of my stiletto. First the one and then the other. I noticed him getting all steamy eyed as he touched my heels. He did not just wipe it down once, but several times, moving his hand up and down the shaft until it was shining silver and clean. This is how I left him. As I walked away, turning the corner around the one stand, I looked back and saw him sitting motionless on the bench. He was staring into this handkerchief and entirely mesmerized by the event that he did not even see me leave. Now...can you see the power of stilettos? Can you understand how powerful they are to put men under your spell, to control them and drug them...? WOW...the power of stilettos. Hey...I still have various errands to run...I had better get on my way. Read more at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stilettosensual/
  2. Part 2 of the story continues at StilettoSensual. See it in the files section here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stilettosensual/ If you are already a member, go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stilettosensual/files/Erotic%20Stories/A%20day%20in%20stiletto%27s/ Here is a clip to wet the appetite... =========================================== " ... I had one more game to play as I saw the bus coming in the distance. I made sure that this guy was still fixed on my shoes. They I moved slowly to where a leaf was lying on the ground. Which the accuracy of a marksman, I made my heel come down on that leaf. The heel cut right through it, crushing small holes in it as the sap started to leak out where my heels had pierced it. I left a good deal of holes in it by the time the bus came. The most interesting thing that I spotted after I boarded the bus was that just before he climbed on, he secretly reached out and grabbed the leaf. Hmmm, I wonder what he was going to do with that during the day. " =============================================
  3. Part 1 One of my greatest pleasures in life is to slip my feet slowly and purposefully into the soft padded interiors of a pair of divine stilettos. I am pampered with a rush of powerful emotions when I experience the exciting and wonderful sensualities of stilettos beneath my feet. So it comes that in the next couple of paragraphs I want you to come with me and share with me these deeply sensual feelings, and allow you to feel the pleasures with me as I once again am about to slip into a pair of black leather heels and journey about through my daily errands. Are you ready? Well, let’s go… My morning routine is done and I am about to leave the house to run some morning errands. All I need to do is to slip on my shoes and go. So I’m up to my bedroom where my shoes are waiting at the foot of the bed. I sit down and breathe a deep relaxed breath…haaaa… This is the part I like… I pick up the one shoe by its heel and just hold it for a while. The long slender curved heel is erect and firm in my hands as I play with it for a while. I run my fingers slowly down the top of the heel until it reaches the pencil thin metal shaft about half way down. This part is cold and hard and the heel tip at the end is sharp and serrated. I am almost shaken by its blatant and hostile threat! Sharply wakened from my mesmerised state, I slid my hands over its curvy lines. I bring it close to me and smell the sweet smell of leather that permeates from the surface of the vamp, hmmm, it starts to excite me… As my breathing gets faster, I slip it onto my foot and I feel how my toes start to squeeze enticingly into the narrowing pointy vamp. My wiggle it slightly so that the heel cup slips over my heel and clamps my foot snugly into place. It feels so right; so perfect as the leather binds my feet and shapes it into a very sensual form. Can you feel my shoes on your feet? Can you feel the embrace of the leather and the arch in your feet as you rest them on the floor? As I stand up I become aware of the forward thrust as the heels come in under my stance and lift me up. It’s another sensation about heels that sends erotic shivers up my spine. I just love the way the heels so effortlessly lift me up and carry my weight. For a moment I just play with this sensation as I stand there on the carpet. I rock back slightly and feel a strange sponginess as my spikes sink down deep into the carpet. It’s as if the floor just gives way and yields under me as it succumbs to the pressures that my tiny sharp heel tips exert upon it. Even as I step around, I feel this sinking softness whereas I know the floor should be firm and rigid. I close my eyes and again I slowly rock back to feel that sinking sensation. To increase the feelings I start to pivot on my heels to make them penetrate even deeper. Ooh, it feels so good, so deeply sensual and strong. From deep within I start to feel powerful and in control and I become bolder in my attempts to continue to satisfy my desires to feel this sensation. It’s almost like a need, a primal lust that requires satisfaction. I step around a little more and start to feel myself becoming dominant, almost callous as I continue to enjoy the fact that my spikes are sinking in and cruelly cutting into the fibres of the carpet. Oh, what a rush…what an overwhelming sensation of pleasure and erotic whim. As I left the room I looked back at where I had stood and noticed a bunch of clear and deep indentations where my heels had cut into the floor. Those would be there for a while…almost acting like exotic little memoirs of my surrendering to one of many little stiletto joys. Read more at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stilettosensual/
  4. Hi all, I bid 2007 farewell as I post these latest and last images for the year. Hope you enjoy them. Remember you can see the full sized images on my home site. Adue 2007, here I come 2008!! Have a great year ahead all!
  5. There are two matches made in heaven... 1. Stilettos and denim 2. Open toes sandals and toe rings Ooohh! Sexy! It stirs the soul! Cheers all, tx for the comments!
  6. Hi all, What do you think of this combo. Open toed sandals with a toe ring is such a gorgeous and sexy sight. Its a Xmas gift for the eyes at a time such as this! These and more images to feast the eyes upon at my home site. Enjoy Merry Xmas and great 2008!
  7. Hi all, Kitten heels and toe cleavage...do they go together? I'd say YES!!! I know most of you on this forum are after 6" heels and higher, but sometimes a pair of cute kittens can also stir the senses and excite. So here I have combined both together into and interesting combination. The white kitten heels represented in the photos are an old pair of shoes that have come to the end of their lifespan and I thought I'd modify them slightly to accentuate that toe cleavage that is considered to be so sexy. Feel free to view the linked images and provide your thoughts or opinions on the images. Regards Stilettography
  8. Hi Eternus, I have a website that may be of interest to you. Besides the galleries of pictures of stilettos, I would like to point you to the study I have called "The language of stilettos". This study is aimed at the relationship between a couple and shows them how stilettos can play a part in improving and stimulating their relationship. Read through the study...I am sure it will give you pointers to getting your wife more interested in the powerful item... See these links: Home page: http://www.stilettography.com/ The study: http://www.stilettography.com/Home/The%20Language%20of%20Stilettos.htm
  9. Hmmm...you have spotted something I did not Trolldeg. I never even thought of that. My focus is entirely on the shoes when I take pictures. Maybe an explanation... My wife almost NEVER wears skirts. 95% of the time she is in slacks or suits with slacks. At home she wears jeans. So i do agree that 99% of the pics have some form of pants in them. but again, I have not cared about that because as the name of my site derives, "Stilettography" the focus is on photos of stilettos, not on legs or skirts or even hosiery. Sorry if you find it boring. If you want to request a certain type of picture, log onto my site and fill in the Photo request form as many others have done. I am quite keen in following up on requests from my viewers. Have a great day Regards
  10. Well, the idea was to show the shoes. If the jeans wear full length they would have covered the entire back part of the shoe and most of the feet. Only some of the pointy vamp would be sticking out from under the pipes. It made natural sense to turn then up.
  11. Here are my latest pictures I would like to share with you all. What do you think about paizley? The pattern was in style in the late 80's, but seeing it on these stunning stilettos, I'd say that the pattern can be introduced again... It is stunning!! PS: The last 3 images include some "stiletto power" based on requests from visitors to my site! See the larger images and more on my home site!
  12. Here is how I first got introduced to the power of stilettos. Here is a quick story I can remember about heels. This is one of the first stories that I can recall that brought me to having an interest in stilettos and their "power". I was attending a childrens party where I was playing on the grass with a small boy. I was looking after him and keeping him company. He was playing with some toy on the grass and I was sitting low down and playing with him. Alon the way there came two women who were chatting with each other. One of them had a pair of black spike stilettos on and as i was seated so low on the grass my attention was captured by the sounds of the stilettos as they pierced and sank into the roots of the grass. I am sure you know the sounds when a stiletto spike penetrates the grass...as it presses into the grass the heels snap the roots and break them as they sink in deep. Its a sexy and powerful sound as you hear how the spike heels take control and break the many thick roots that come into its way as it sinks down. Anyways, I turned my head and saw her standing there on a lush patch of grass. She was really close to me and i sneaked lots of detailed peeks at her as she stood and treaded on the grass. She was not aware of me looking at the show she provided so her actions were not artificial. I saw how effortlessly her sharp heels sank into the grass. Everytime her heels snapped through a root my heart skipped a beat as I was living myself in to the power and dominance of her heels. It was an incredibly sexy sight to see those slim heels sink in. Another interesting thing about the sight I saw was that even though the grass was not wet, I noticed that her heels had some moisture on it. This is because as her heels broke through the roots, they "bled" out some of the jiuces stored in them. So systematically her heels became more and more moist as her spikes snapped through more roots on that lush patch of grass. After she had left, I moved closer to were she stood, and I put my finger into some of the holes that her heels had made in the ground. Some of them went quite deep and I could feel the moistness of the broken roots on the holes. It really made an impression on me, to see her heels in action and so dominant over the poor turf. I think this was one of the first exposures I had to the "power" of heels. I was very aware of stilettos after that! I have more on my webpage at www.stilettography.com If you have something you would like to share about how you got interested in heel power, or a story in general about heel power, please share it in this thread!
  13. Tx, they are one of my wifes favourite pairs. I of course like the metal heel.
  14. Tx FoxyLady... About that wall pose. I hear what you say, but on the other hand I think it is also sexy when stilettos sink into the turf. That aspect of penetration is seductive and powerful. You should read up what I say about it in my study called, "The language of stilettos" on my website. Tx for the comments Stilettography
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