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  1. heels59

    What sort of stride do you go for?

    A few random tips. Patience. You might not get there as fast, but that's just more time to be seen. The higher the heel the shorter the stride, it's just physics of the foot and ankle. Keep your shoulders back and don't hunch over. Relax your buttocks, let them sink down onto your thighs, loosen up and roll naturally. This requires faith that the landing heel will catch and hold. If you walk gingerly, like you would on ice, it always looks bad. The way to learn to walk glacefully, confidently and naturally in high heels is to practice in even higher heels. When you go back to slightly lower heels, they will feel great.
  2. heels59

    Advert Just Wiped My Message

    Megan, your sleep patterns may not be as weird as you think. Many people including me do that occasionally. A freind of mine pointed out a whole bunch of references in mideval literature to "first sleep" and "second sleep". As we get older we need less sleep, but how we divvy that up varies.
  3. heels59

    What Should I Do, I Need Some Beginner Advice

    As someone who has lived with lower grade symptoms of Aspergers all my life, I can tell you that your syndrome likely carries some obsession or at least fascination with tactile stimulous and textures. The "feel" of the clothes may be stimulating or relaxing to you on a level most people don't experience. It may help to explain this to your parents. I agree that honesty is the only policy. In your situation you can probably just be open about your "thing" and expect people to accept that. Be a responsible and reliable adult in the important things and this quirk should be no big thing. Don't pressure yourself or let others pressure you to be gay or full crossdresser, if your thing is just shoes. I experimented and pushed the edge and came back again.
  4. I've tried Seronos and the fit is terrible. 20 minutes is all anyone could take in such ill-fitting shoes. He completely missed the power and thrill of heels.
  5. heels59

    Projects, What Ya Working On?

    Unencumbered by the thought process. Or as they say down south "Hold my beer, y'all watch this"
  6. heels59

    Projects, What Ya Working On?

    I think she just called us geeks (He said snarkily, after a bit of Google research)
  7. heels59

    Projects, What Ya Working On?

    I remember them. Early in my career (1980's) I worked for a company that maintained a then-ancient mechanical hotel PBX system. The relays stepped through contacts for each pulse of the rotary dial. What a glorious clatter this closet sized box made while people made calls. I dig wanting to stay close to the pinball machine's roots. My current hobby project is a tube guitar amp, based on an old bogen 35Watt PA amp. The unusual part of it is an even harmonics generator based on a variable Mu pentode normally used for hetrodyne mixing in radio circuits. The odd harmonics come from the mainly symmetrical clipping of the push-pull output. They are controllable separately. Unfortunately between the cold workshop and being busy at the real job, I haven't been at it very much.
  8. heels59

    Projects, What Ya Working On?

    Classic pinball machines are marvelous electromechanical wonders. I've always wanted to restore one, but never considered building one from scratch. I'm a bit surprised you handwired the counter rather than use a microprocessor board like Arundo or Raspberry Pi. Love TBG's boot kicker theme
  9. heels59

    Frist Time I Really Got Noticed And Looked At...

    Lift your foot and pull up your pant leg and give a big smile. Now they get to recover from being "caught". It can start a nice conversation when they know you are not ashamed.
  10. heels59

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Great shoe, Jeff. I may need to get them. My Nine West pumps that style are getting worn out. (Qouted just to put up that picture again) I have 10 or 15 pounds on you and i've had very little trouble with heels breaking. Some really cheap heels will loosen up and wobble, especially after getting too wet, and I've had a few bend a slight bit but they can be carefully bent back. Mind you, I'm often deliberately hard on heels when the fetish interests overtake the fashion ones. In short, go for it. Don't let this fear hold you back. For the most part, heels are a lot stronger than they look. Just mind the tips.
  11. heels59

    New Shoes At Work

    Nice collection, all of which i'd wear publicly. I recently got this pair from the Nine West outlet. Have you ever gone through airport screening with your filled hollow heels? I imagine they might get curious.
  12. heels59

    Shoe Inventory, Some Statistics

    Average over $500 per pair?!? Wow!
  13. I'm a political junkie and i've gotten all the election details i need from various websites - except one. I'm interested in the results of the race for town council of a little farm country village somewhere in western New York state. How about it, ILikeKicks, did Tuesday bring you a new gig?
  14. No I didn't say they wore out. It's been a while but as I recall it did in the original heel tips. And i walked back in them as well, so it was two miles. I just recall regretting having done that to a prized pair. I still have them and still wear them occasionally. It's just that your favorites seem to wear out the fastest.
  15. Awesome shoes, HiSti. I'm a big fan of needle heels, micro stilletoes, or whatever they are called. My budget is grateful those aren't available in 12W. Tips: 1.I have a pair of needle heels from JRenee, and I can tell you you pretty much need metal tips. Nothing else will hold up. 2. I once left a heel tip in the caulk expansion joint of a sidewalk. Fortunately I was able to go back and find it, and the heel end wasn't damaged. 3. Consider carefully the mileage you put on. They won't last forever. I foolishly wore mine to a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. I wish I had that mile back.

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