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  1. Ín germany, we use different words depending on the type. Stöckelschuhe is for the classic High Heels with a pointy tip, like stilettos. Hackenschuhe is used by some people as a generic term for shoes with a heels that's higher than geneirc.
  2. I would be interested; netherlands are a bit far (i'm from germany, living close to hamburg), but with enough time to plan ahead - why not?
  3. It is not about tolerance, it is about the practical side. Nobody can expect that the mods in this board understand all languages, and you cannot expect them to run every non-english posting through translation tools in order to do their job - a job for which they not only get no money, but spend their free time on - , let alone the misunderstandings said translators can produce. If you sign up for a message board, then you agree to the rules. If the rules say "No foreign languages, only english", then you have to follow that rule. Just because there are some boards where these rules are less strict doesn't mean that every board has to be like that. That's not discrimination.
  4. Ih have 12 pairs (and only 3 pairs of regular shoes), and i wear 4 of them regular.
  5. Some crazy designs.....i would totally buy them
  6. Yeah! Finally....my favourite station played one of the best christmas-songs ever...."Stille Nacht" by Manowar! Awesome!
  7. Ich wünsche euch allen ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein gesegnetes Neues Jahr! This should cover germany, austria and 1/4 of swiss...
  8. 2 Weeks ago, they had a poll on my favourite radio station, if they should play Last Christmas.....unfortunately, about 51% wanted to hear this song....ARGH!!!!!
  9. I just got some nice wedge booties from ebay. I have to change the heeltip, they are a little bit too loud for me, but very comfortable.
  10. I just ordered some nice knee-high boots in black from Andres Machado, can't wait to try them on!
  11. I would have ordered all 3 of them They all look awesome!
  12. I play a little bit saxophone and bass-guitar.....mostly rock and bluesrock. Count me in!
  13. Why do programmers always confuse helloween and christmas? Because DEC25 = OCT31....
  14. It's not limited to english-speaking boards, we have the same "problem" here in germany - even worse, it is sometimes a really weird mixture of german slang, bad grammar, wrong typed english words and the so called "Denglisch" (a sometimes really annoying mixture of english substantives and/or adjectives with german syntax). Sometimes it is a really strange experience when i write something in an english board with a better grammar than the native speakers....
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