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  1. I'm all over this Robbie video. Any making of, or discussion about it anywhere? No mention by Graham Norton that these women are wearing them either, which is a disappointment.
  2. Had these a few months now, got them off of aliexpress from China. I've bought loads of heels over the years and am only really interested in unique ones now so these appealed, but disappointingly they're a bit crap and the decor falls off easily. Shame really cos they're lovely.
  3. Just bought my best ever pair of boots, knee high, red soles, zip up the back instead of the side and a really comfortable fit. Whoever mentioned aliexpress on here is a hero (or villain!) Will post photos if required
  4. kbl

    Gravity Heels

    at9, those are what I mean. I would've put heelless but elsewhere that I've asked that description seems to have been taken as flats!
  5. kbl

    Gravity Heels

    I'd love a pair but can't seem to find any in UK11 or US 14. Can anyone help?
  6. My pair arrived today and they are surprisingly easy to walk in. But not for long!
  7. kbl

    The Fall Guy

    Just watching the opening credits to 80's TV show The Fall Guy and couldn't help but notice the shoes 55secs in. Heelless was in fashion back then!
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012p4kc/Jamie_Drag_Queen_at_16/ I saw this on iplayer, not sure if it's available worldwide but if you can view it it's worth a watch.
  9. I saw this woman at York station yesterday, walked behind her down the stairs over to platform nine and then whipped out my biggun to get a few shots of her from a safe distance. Lovely shoes.
  10. BTW, I have bought them, just waiting for them to arrive.
  11. I'm a real shoe whore! I was looking through ebay and I spotted a lovely looking pair of peep-toe silver platforms, expensive at £80 but different to any other pair that I have and just had to have them. They're from the Little Shoe Box, I think they're lovely
  12. Not sure about these things that she has on in todays Mail mind - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1318720/Kylie-Minogue-lets-feet-talking-fierce-pair-boots--complete-cuffs.html
  13. LOL, how weird is that, I noticed the heels and not the women!
  14. The blokes are wearing heels too!
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