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  1. I've seen in other threads that some people don't like Punitive's ballet's due to the lack of "elegance" of Their shoe with the less than slender heel design. I'm interested who owns some and comments from a wearability point of view.
  2. To All who commented on the distance - I didn't think it was that far 'around the block' either. Again, Your comments are inspiring.
  3. Thanks for your comments and support . Actually ended up being 1.05km - i never thought it was that far and it sure didn't feel like it. Maybe try in 5" single sole next time! Love to eventually graduate to ballets, but ATM think it's not possible, if not a long way off - I struggle to make it to the other side of the room! However, I heeded the advice of one of our members and use pointe shoes inside the boots (devious) as they are a little bit big and can acommodate the room needed. The difference is amazing with the proper support given the firm toe box and vamp. Just had to pack/pad the toes of the boots to prevent "toe cave in" I did this using damp newspaper and a stick to pack it in tight - similar to the technique my GF has used to stretch some of her boots in the past.
  4. Would like to share my first public heeling experience. Walked just under a kilometre (bit wobbly towards the end as things hurt) in boots with 6" heels with 2" platforms. Passed a couple of people on my journey but no one seemed to notice the klip-klop. Will be trying again soon!
  5. Al Bundy never had a problem with it, neither do I
  6. kikepa: While out, I'm usually wearing something discrete, like my avatar. Inside, anything goes. like a guitar??? I looked closer and realised the discrete part of the pic
  7. Been lurking for a bit and support this forum, now joined and saying HI:wavey: John
  8. Have had the police come knocking once and decided against removing given the time it would have taken to do so after asking who was at the door:unsure:. Answering, they said they were enquiring about a noise complaint (my heels weren't that loud on the floor surely!) regarding loud music - I politely told them to check a neighbour 2 doors down. Don't think they even noticed my boots.
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