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  1. just stumbled onto this article.... https://www.yahoo.com/style/zendaya-wants-shoes-feel-luxurious-140000592.html here is her collection http://shop.nordstrom.com/sr?keyword=daya by zendaya&filtercategoryid=6000009 at least she acknowledges guys want to wear heels. like i said maybe a step in the right direction??
  2. nice shoes Bootboy. by chance is that scar on your foot from a Lisfranc injury? Larry
  3. weird1


    ^^ well said Steve. how it happened for me was we were on a bit of a vacation, her shoes were laying on the floor as I'm laying on the bed. she came back from the bathroom and slid the shoe on my foot it didn't fit but I really liked the way it looked. So probably a month or two later nothing else has ever said of it, until the power went out one evening so we were just sitting around talking and I said honey you know I really liked the way that shoe looked on my foot. ... she said if that is something that you like to try let's order some shoes and see how it goes, it's been wonderful ever since. BTW I was scared stupid to say anything but I'm glad I did. my advice is to just tell her straight out as the others have said it will only come back to haunt you. Larry
  4. i caught this ad last fall from just fab. Larry
  5. steve the mrs. says hello, we hope all is well in your neck of the woods. we are freezing our arses off!!! sleekheels the funny thing is i wasn't going to get them because i didn't want to spend that much at first, but i finally i cracked... and what a surprise at the register! Larry
  6. i there everybody! i haven't posted anything in a while, but nothing has caught my fancy lately. just returned from my dsw and very happy with todays purchase! franco sarto ozzie bootie 3 3/4 stacked heel suede upper with a leather toe cap, rubber tip heel. $99.95 regular price with 40% off and 10% more off by the SA and various certificates got them down to $19.08 what a deal ! http://www.dsw.com/shoe/franco+sarto+ozzie+bootie?prodId=282235&productRef=SEARCH Larry
  7. I was browsing the justfab.com site and noticed something.... http://www.justfab.com/menswear.htm I realize its not literal menswear, but maybe a nod in the right direction ? we can only hope. btw i have a bunch of stuff from them and love it all ! Larry
  8. about a year ago I discovered just fab jeans. I really like their basic Boot. the fit is amazing and they're very well priced thanks Larry
  9. weird1

    Just Fab

    i buy from them almost monthly, not shoes so much but the jeans are great. i like their shoes, but i have enough shoes .....for now! i have 5 credits waiting for me right now! i don't mind getting emails from someone i am subscribed to, its all the prescription drug and sex emails that drive me nuts.
  10. Me too, and i gotta say i could not be happier with the fit. I have 8 pairs so far. i get mine @ justfab.com basic boot with a 7 3/4" front rise with a 35" inseam. they also have a 32" inseam as well i take a mens 33x32 and in justfab jeans i find a 31 suits me just fine. i don't understand why mens jeans fit so horribly. Larry
  11. Yes, very nice indeed ! reminds me of the old billyb.net site thanks for posting the link. Larry
  12. i think they are awful . but different people may think otherwise. Larry
  13. just ran across this one. maybe someone should tell them we do wear high heels! in some cases better than women, and yes they are wonderful !
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