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  1. Trend Alert for Women: Menswear heels at Payless. Wow: http://www.payless.com/store/catalog/subsubcategory.jsp?trail=1016%3Acat440042&subCatId=cat440042&catId=cat10088&pageSize=80&icid=women_slot3 I dare them to add a womenswear line to the mens section.
  2. You're right. I said nothing positive. I'm an asshole. If I could, I'd delete the damn thing. HappyFeat, my apologies.
  3. With respect, I don't think the people whispering and giggling are doing so in response to the site of a man in women's clothes. They're reacting to your unbelievably bad taste in fashion. Your being a guy just adds to the humor. I mean, kudos on bucking trends and all, but.. really? WTF? It's a shame "What Not to Wear" was canceled. The show focused on women, but If they ever wanted to make over a man in drag, I think you'd have been a prime candidate. After looking at your outfits, all I want to do is sprint to the nearest Men's Warehouse and buy myself a really nice suit. By stark contrast, for anyone wanting to go full femme while still looking like a guy, I think JeffB can serve as an inspiration to us all. At least he knows how to coordinate.
  4. I've "purged" once before. I got rid of my single most favorite pair of knotted peep-toe 5" stiletto slingbacks, and my favorite pair of knotted open-toe ankle-strap 5" stiletto sandals - neither of which are in production anymore - thanks to my guilty feelings. I've sworn to never do it again.
  5. My new boots arrived on the 4th, but, sadly, they're too small. I had a sneaking suspicion they might not fit, but they looked too cool not to try. I can slip them on and zip them up, but my toes had no wiggle room whatsoever. Apparently, I still wear a 10.5 or 11 womens boot - the lace-up ankle boots I got at Payless a few years ago are a size 11. Unfortunately, the biggest size Leatherup.com has is 10, which is what I ordered. I'm returning them today.
  6. JeffB's comment on this thread got me thinking, do you ever wish you'd been born a woman, just to be able to wear a certain look you knew would otherwise not look good on you as a guy? One of my most vivid memories I have of my childhood is of my Mom's side of the family preparing for our first trip to Worlds of Fun. I distinctly remember being insanely jealous of the tight jean shorts my cousin got to wear, and throwing a fit while my Mom put me in a hideously baggy pair of knee-length boys shorts. One Christmas, I talked another cousin into letting me wear her sandals for a while. I will never forget how incredible they felt. By the time the evening was over, I desparately wanted to replace all of my sneakers with pumps and sandals. Today, I prefer mens jeans and T-shirts for their comfort and convenience, but there is so much womens fashion out there that frequently makes me wish I had been born one just so I could wear them myself. JeffB mentioned leggings in the other thread. Leggings are a fashion trend that I ached to be able to enjoy myself when they first hit the scene. I love being a man, I just really hate that women get to enjoy such a huge variety of different types of clothes. Whenever I see pics of women in classy and provocative outfits, I couldn't care less how beautiful the model is, I wish I could wear the outfit she's modeling.
  7. One of my co-workers often wears black leggings and strappy stiletto heels or pumps. My heart starts racing every time I see her.
  8. I lost the taste for them when I was a kid. No idea how. I've tried them again, a number of times over the years, but just can't stomach the taste or texture. I tried a banana a few months ago, but my gag reflex kicked in on the third bite so I threw it away. Apples taste like uncooked potatoes, and I hate apple juice. I tried V8 juice once, a year or so ago, and wound up spitting out the first sip. For that matter, I could barely take the first sip because the juice smelled so bad. Simply put, I've become a meat and potatoes kind of guy. My favorite foods include: Burgers Fries Beef and pepperoni pizza - I make my own using Chef Boyardi pizza mix Baked potatoes Fried shrimp Chicken Fish fillets Pork chops
  9. I'm not using a book. I was speaking metaphorically when I meantion the guide to healthy eating. As a culture, one thing the Japanese are known for is portion control when eating. All I'm doing is using the serving guides on the food I eat as a measuring stick. For example, I have: - One Leggo Waffle for breakfast in the morning instead of two. - Two servings of Triscuits (12 crackers) with Chedder cheese spread during lunch at work instead of the couple handfulls of Doritos I used to eat. - 4 oz of fries for dinner at home instead of the couple handfuls I used to eat. - I grill one 4 oz burger instead of two. - One Kit-Kat (4 bars) for desert. I'm not at all active. I don't even exercise, so I don't feel any more hungry than I used to, and the servings I limit myself to now actually fill me up. I also use small plates for dinner - research suggests that small plates trick the eyes into thinking you're eating more than you really are. Portion contorl also lets you to indulge in bigger meals if you've got plans for a holiday dinner or a night out.
  10. Thank you all for the feedback and support. I appreciate it. Will do! Could not... agree more... A well-groomed beard tells people you hate shaving but want to look good, too. hehehe
  11. Just checked my trimmer. D'oh! Yeah, 10 mm,. hehe
  12. I haven't gone street-heeling in over a year, partly because I grew tired of it, partly because I didn't want to risk finding candid pics of myself online, and partly because I gained weight. Those last two factors were my main concerns. Last month, I discovered I was just 3 lbs shy of 200. At 5' 9.5", 200lbs is not a pleasant sight or feeling, especially for someone who still enjoys wearing heels around the house. So, I decided to take a page from the Japanese guide to healthy eating, ditched my sodas in favor of water, got rid of my potato chips, and started practicing portion control when I eat. I've lost 20 lbs so far this month, and I feel fantastic! If I can lose enough to be able to look down at my feet without having to suck in first, I'll be exstatic! I may even start street-heeling again! With that in mind, while I don't post much anymore, I have observed an increasing trend in combining heels with womens clothing. Personally, that's never been an interest of mine. I much prefer mens clothes, I just really like heels. Black Levis and T-shirts are my mainstays. I have five pairs for each weekday so I don't have to expend any thought in what I'm going to wear from day to day. I also grew a beard last year. I keep it trimmed at 10 cm all around. It looks awesome, and feels great! The only trick with heels now is finding a pair that will look good with a beard while in public. I prefer ankle boots, and have found three possibilities: Option 1: http://www.leatherup...ots/347826.html Option 2: http://www.leatherup...ots/347898.html Option 3: http://www.leatherup...ots/347760.html Option 1 looks a bit "space age". I keep imagining a Biker version of The Jetsons cartoon, so those are out. I like the buckles on Option 2, but my wife loves the studded buckles on Option 3. They do look pretty kick-ass, so I'll probably go with them. Wish me luck! EDIT: Option 3 orderd, and shipped! They should be here by December 7!
  13. I enjoyed street-heeling for the year and a half I did it, but seeing JeffB and ThighBootGuy on a couple of web sites is part of why I stopped. I'm quite proud of the public image I project as a bearded, middle-aged biker, and I don't ever want to find a pic of me wearing heels posted on some dumbass web site. As a bonus, I no longer ask myself, "Heels, or no heels today," and my feet don't get sore anymore, either. hehehe
  14. I stopped wearing my 4" stiletto ankle boots in public a year ago. I proved to myself that I wasn't afraid to push fashion boundaries and just got tired of doing it after a couple of years.
  15. Now that's a classy outfit. Nicely done.
  16. To each their own. I was speaking only for myself.
  17. That is a great show! I've never made a point to watch it, but always enjoy what few episodes I occasionally see. TG could definitely take several lessons from it.
  18. Hmmm... good point. I couldn't care less about what security cameras. I was referring to people with cell phones. I was answering TECH's question, and simply decided to be brutally honest about it. I think Thighbootguy is a handsome fellow, but that outfit was all wrong.
  19. And that's why I stopped wearing heels in public. I don't ever want to find myself on YouTube or sites like PeopleofWalmart.com. Funny thing is, I don't even miss street-heeling. It was fun for the year and a half I did it, but after a while it became too exhausting, both mentally and physically. I much prefer the comfort of my hiking boots and peace of mind knowing I'm not being secretly photographed. Oh, hell no! That outfit is scary fugly.
  20. First, click New Reply, and then... :: points down at the Manage Attachments button under the Additional Options category below the message window ::
  21. I imagine the mention of your size 12 feet was a dead giveaway. Most women don't have feet that big. But, like HappyinHeels said, in this economy, they're not going to shy away from a positive review by a man if they think it'll help them sell another pair.
  22. It was a reference to Saturday Night Live. I had an image of you doing a skit about a guy trying to get into a dance school dressed as a Ballerina with a bright red suede skirt in place of a tootoo and thigh-high boots in place of the dance flats.
  23. I imagine very few women could pull off that look. JeffB does a pretty decent job pushing the edge with his outfits, but all I see here is an SNL skit begging to happen.
  24. I think she might've been compelled to say something, but wanted to be nice about it, and your bag was the one thing she liked.
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