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  1. Trend Alert for Women: Menswear heels at Payless. Wow: http://www.payless.com/store/catalog/subsubcategory.jsp?trail=1016%3Acat440042&subCatId=cat440042&catId=cat10088&pageSize=80&icid=women_slot3 I dare them to add a womenswear line to the mens section.
  2. You're right. I said nothing positive. I'm an asshole. If I could, I'd delete the damn thing. HappyFeat, my apologies.
  3. With respect, I don't think the people whispering and giggling are doing so in response to the site of a man in women's clothes. They're reacting to your unbelievably bad taste in fashion. Your being a guy just adds to the humor. I mean, kudos on bucking trends and all, but.. really? WTF? It's a shame "What Not to Wear" was canceled. The show focused on women, but If they ever wanted to make over a man in drag, I think you'd have been a prime candidate. After looking at your outfits, all I want to do is sprint to the nearest Men's Warehouse and buy myself a really nice suit. By stark c
  4. I've "purged" once before. I got rid of my single most favorite pair of knotted peep-toe 5" stiletto slingbacks, and my favorite pair of knotted open-toe ankle-strap 5" stiletto sandals - neither of which are in production anymore - thanks to my guilty feelings. I've sworn to never do it again.
  5. My new boots arrived on the 4th, but, sadly, they're too small. I had a sneaking suspicion they might not fit, but they looked too cool not to try. I can slip them on and zip them up, but my toes had no wiggle room whatsoever. Apparently, I still wear a 10.5 or 11 womens boot - the lace-up ankle boots I got at Payless a few years ago are a size 11. Unfortunately, the biggest size Leatherup.com has is 10, which is what I ordered. I'm returning them today.
  6. JeffB's comment on this thread got me thinking, do you ever wish you'd been born a woman, just to be able to wear a certain look you knew would otherwise not look good on you as a guy? One of my most vivid memories I have of my childhood is of my Mom's side of the family preparing for our first trip to Worlds of Fun. I distinctly remember being insanely jealous of the tight jean shorts my cousin got to wear, and throwing a fit while my Mom put me in a hideously baggy pair of knee-length boys shorts. One Christmas, I talked another cousin into letting me wear her sandals for a while. I wi
  7. One of my co-workers often wears black leggings and strappy stiletto heels or pumps. My heart starts racing every time I see her.
  8. I lost the taste for them when I was a kid. No idea how. I've tried them again, a number of times over the years, but just can't stomach the taste or texture. I tried a banana a few months ago, but my gag reflex kicked in on the third bite so I threw it away. Apples taste like uncooked potatoes, and I hate apple juice. I tried V8 juice once, a year or so ago, and wound up spitting out the first sip. For that matter, I could barely take the first sip because the juice smelled so bad. Simply put, I've become a meat and potatoes kind of guy. My favorite foods include: Burgers Frie
  9. I'm not using a book. I was speaking metaphorically when I meantion the guide to healthy eating. As a culture, one thing the Japanese are known for is portion control when eating. All I'm doing is using the serving guides on the food I eat as a measuring stick. For example, I have: - One Leggo Waffle for breakfast in the morning instead of two. - Two servings of Triscuits (12 crackers) with Chedder cheese spread during lunch at work instead of the couple handfulls of Doritos I used to eat. - 4 oz of fries for dinner at home instead of the couple handfuls I used to eat. - I grill one
  10. Thank you all for the feedback and support. I appreciate it. Will do! Could not... agree more... A well-groomed beard tells people you hate shaving but want to look good, too. hehehe
  11. Just checked my trimmer. D'oh! Yeah, 10 mm,. hehe
  12. I haven't gone street-heeling in over a year, partly because I grew tired of it, partly because I didn't want to risk finding candid pics of myself online, and partly because I gained weight. Those last two factors were my main concerns. Last month, I discovered I was just 3 lbs shy of 200. At 5' 9.5", 200lbs is not a pleasant sight or feeling, especially for someone who still enjoys wearing heels around the house. So, I decided to take a page from the Japanese guide to healthy eating, ditched my sodas in favor of water, got rid of my potato chips, and started practicing portion co
  13. I enjoyed street-heeling for the year and a half I did it, but seeing JeffB and ThighBootGuy on a couple of web sites is part of why I stopped. I'm quite proud of the public image I project as a bearded, middle-aged biker, and I don't ever want to find a pic of me wearing heels posted on some dumbass web site. As a bonus, I no longer ask myself, "Heels, or no heels today," and my feet don't get sore anymore, either. hehehe
  14. I stopped wearing my 4" stiletto ankle boots in public a year ago. I proved to myself that I wasn't afraid to push fashion boundaries and just got tired of doing it after a couple of years.
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