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  1. Question for the after-hours crowd in the Inland Empire..............is Robbie's in Pomona still around? It's been 20+ years since I went there last. Just curious. Joni
  2. Back to the OP's original question. I'll be 55 for another month. All that matters is I'm closer to 60 than 50. Joni
  3. I really envy you being able to wear heels at work. Somehow I don't think they'd be proper in a machine shop (lmao). Joni
  4. Just made this one up--Joni There once was a fellow named Beales Who loved wearing women's high heels. He said,"I don't know". "It's not for the show". "I just love the way that it feels".
  5. [So you don't like the high heels that come with the straps and padlocks?] Actually I think they're rather erotic and have a fantasy of being locked into a pair, given a large shopping list that includes going into big-box stores and not having them taken off until the shopping is completed. Joni
  6. I haven't bought 2 of the same pair until recently. I had a pair of brown suede pumps from Payless that I lived in and they went with everything and one day they broke and were un-repairable and I almost cried because I didn't have another pair.
  7. Closed toe is waaayyy more sexy IMHO. Joni
  8. I won't wear my shoes without wearing nylons. Regular sheer toe nylons work fine for peep toe pumps. Just make sure to put the seam where it won't show.
  9. My favorite place to go heeling is Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Anyone interested in joining me sometime? I might add I'm a cd and F.I. is a great place to go shopping as well as heeling. Joni
  10. I'm in the OC and I'd be interested. PM me with the details. Joni
  11. I'm a size 12 woman's and usually the really, really cute shoes don't come that large but lately I've been shopping at Nordstroms and they have some cute, comfy shoes. I bought 3 pairs of them. Back to the OP's question--yes, it happens all the time but like I said, they usually don't come in my size. There's a woman's shoe store at the mall I frequent and their shoes are absolutely to die for but they only go up to a size 10--DRAT!!
  12. I'd love to have a pair of pumps locked onto my feet and not be able to take them off. I never thought about the separate chain or lock through the strap hole. I'll have to try them.
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