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  1. I don't get to Dallas except for the Aggie/Arkansas game. If you're in College Station, e-mail me at latextex@gmail.com and we'll compare notes. I'm not much into heels much anymore since arthritis hit my feet and knees. Thanks for the friendship.

  2. Hey buddy, I am in Dallas often....Do you live nearby? Would be cool to meet up sometime...Don

  3. I found it. It is: http://www.passionsforfootwear.com/. I found it under a page with the most links I have ever seen: If you're looking for anything about shoes, mostly free sites, check out: http://www.pgts.net/lnkhhen1.html Thanks to everone who may have tried to think of the page I was searching for. Latextex
  4. I came across a great high heel website recently, but did not bookmark it. It was by a man, and had some photos of him wearing heels. But at the bottom were gallery links to boots, wedges, sandles, pumps and art, which linked one of the best collection of shoe photos I have ever come across. It is NOT one of the personal websites linked to this site. The URL had "high heels" somewhere in it. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. The boots go to a lady in Ottawa, size 11, who will give them a new home, and wear them proudly. Thanks for the private messages. Tex
  6. This is not under "For Sale" because they are not for sale. This is a pair of all leather, excellent condition 7" heel knee high boots with 2" platform, US women's size 11. I am giving them away to any woman who wears size 11, or EUR 43, or UK size 9. I will mail to a PO box. No gimmick. I just want them to go to a woman who will appreciate and wear them. I no longer do. Gals, send me a private message if you really want these and wear this size. I'll have to charge postage if overseas.
  7. Name: Jim Age: 65 as of 2006 Gender: M Location:Texas USA Occupation:Deputy Sheriff Height:5'8" Weight:145 Shoe size:Women's 10.5 or 11 What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style:boot Do you wear your heels outside: No, but I wear women's service boots daily on the job What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5" ( Your highest heel height: 9" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: seldom ( Your highest heel height: more seldom Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: stockins Anything else you wish to add: I go in more for 4" nowadays. Not my favorite, but much more comfortable
  8. actually the thread on this forum, "Let's get to know everybody" is almost what I had in mind. Thanks, Jim
  9. Does anyone know of any on line dating/meeting/contact site in which preference for shoes, high heels, shoe size, or any similar type information is part of the profile for men and women?
  10. That is a senerio I only dream of. Great!
  11. I thought the whole idea here was "high heels," not women's shoes. Certainly shoes commonly made for women tend to have more styles with high heels than do men's, but I've got some men's 3" heel cowboy boots that give me the same feeling of walking in high heels that any other 3" heeled shoe does. There are other high heel men's shoes which many of us wear. Now if we're talking only stiletto, then, IMHO, the're women's shoes that guy's are wearing.
  12. I agree that the lable are tacky, and I remove them from my shoes. But I kind of like it when women don't remove them, and I can see exactly what size they are wearing. Sometime you can also tell a shoe size in a photo if they have lef the lable on, as is often the case in fashion photo shoots.
  13. A 4" heel seems to be the ideal for comfort and any sense of wearing a heel. A 3" heel almost seems like a flat to walk in. I can walk smoothly in 5" heels, but they are not comfortable for long periods, and 6" heels are frankly difficult to walk in for any lenght.
  14. Just to add my .02 worth, I hate rubber flip flops, mostly because they don't have any heels. But if you are a foot admirer, they give you a clear view.
  15. Yeh, well it gets worse. I was 5'9 in my youth. At 65 I am 5'7, and that makes it all the worse, because when I eyeball a woman to estimate how tall she is in heels or otherwise, I'm still thinking I'm 5'9". That's why there are so many taller women now it seems. Tex
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