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  1. Hey KH, I am not a hater. As long as we’ve known each other you should know that. I really could care less about this guy, his fashion style or his conquests. Everyone has their opinions and I voiced mine. Just because we all use different yardsticks to measure success or elicit admiration from others, it isn’t any of my business if someone wants to genuflect in total adoration before this guy and express their complete acceptance of his lifestyle, I have no problem with their acceptance. However, to me it directly reflects their values and tells me all I want know about them. “nuff said.”
  2. Measure your feet both in centimeters and inches. There are diagrams demonstrating how to do that. Then, consult one of the various charts converting the measurements into the various shoe sizes. You will have a better chance getting shoes that fit properly using these measurements.
  3. To my knowledge, gained mostly from my wife, the “ladies footwear” industry classes women’s shoe heels heights to be flats, low heels, medium heels and high heel. To her, any pair of shoes that had heels higher than 3 3/4” were high heels. I don’t believe she ever owned a pair of shoes with heels higher than 4”. Her personal feelings about my 4, 5, 6 & 7” heels, well, she could never understand why I wanted to wear any shoes with heels that high. To her, shoes were just accessories to compliment the outfit that she was wearing. And, while she never really liked it when I would wear my high heels in public, she tolerated it and never once criticize me for wearing them.
  4. There is taste and there is bad taste It’s precisely this sort of display that gives male high heel wears a derogatory reputation. I would never admit that I even knew who this guy was. Well, they say: “ to each his own”, but this, in my mind, is just downright disgusting.
  5. Practice. since being confined I have been wearing my 6” heels again. While I am fully accustomed to wearing my 5” heels — that I wore daily for almost 30 years — I am not back to being completely comfortable in my 6 inch’ers, yet. It shouldn’t be very long before I feel normal spending a day in them without problems. As far as my 7” heels, I never did learn to wear them for any long time. While I have tried them again, this time I believe that I‘ll pass (at my age).
  6. Times are hard! Buy land so you can grow your own food.. buy bullets so you can keep it for your family.
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