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  1. A man has to have something to talk about and this is something everyone understands. Keep talking and we’ll keep listening. Always a pleasure to discuss something that everyone is interested in and understands.
  2. Bubba136

    NL/BE Meet

    Watch your step walking on those cobblestones! They’re hard on high heels!
  3. Used to love to wear heels that high but now at over 60 years old , I can’t handle them anymore. Did wear a pair of white Pleaser pumps with 5.5 heels to a “dining experience” last night. Only response I had was from a man seated close to the entrance. His comment was “a little early for white.” To which I replied : “it was close enough.”
  4. Got my haircut just before lunch today. Didn’t worry much about style but more about weight it had been so long since I had it cut last.
  5. Well,as they say here in the South, “everybody’s gotta be somewhere”!
  6. Well, you do have to admit that men wearing heels is still an “abnormality” in “normal” society. While we don’t see anything out of the ordinary about the practice, others, especially parents of young children, just might view the practice as slightly out of the ordinary and have difficulty explaining the situation to children still trying to sort out the differences between girls and boys. I really don’t get very fussed at people that don’t approve, I try not to take it to much to heart because in this era, we that are walking to a different tune are out of “sink” with most every one else.
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