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Booties and Pumps




So I put some more images from my Buffalo ankle Booties online. This is the style I go heeling the last time, those booties are very comfortable to wear. The first 10 seconds are always a high blood pressure situation, although I do this now over 12 or 13 years, but after the 10 sec. everything is fine and it feels just normal to wear High Heels. I think those block heels belongs to HighHeels, they are 12,5cm high with a 1,5cm Plat. 

So the next couple weeks and month I will bother you with those booties and with  my 12cm Pumps from FUSS ( see attachment ) . Maybe I will check out some other Heels from my collection to wear outdoors. 

So happy heeling everybody, come on, show your outdoor pics ! 

IMG_8521 Kopie.jpg

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