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Ramblings on a Rainy Wet Day




Well here I am again, putting together another blog entry on this very wet day! Been a while since my last entry as I was a bit tied up doing other things. Hope that all are doing great strutting their heels and making heads turn as you pass by.

Well first off, I did do a little shopping for shoes this last week. You know how that goes...gotta shop! Anyway, I bought three pairs of heels which I will add to this post at the end. One pair of heels I bought from Payless Shoes in Mishawaka. Got to give a big shout out to the store employee that helped me. She was simply awesome to work with and talk with about shoes. She even told me that she had given lessons to younger women on how to walk in heels. That lead to talking about my experience helping men and women to learn to walk in heels correctly. I suggested that perhaps we could collaborate on making a video on walking in heels, something that both men and women could use. So we swapped phone numbers with the plan to work on this project.

Of course I did not just talk, I also found a nice pair of sandal style heels to buy. They are sweet and oh so comfortable. Can't wait till the weather gets warm when I will be able to strut them down the street! I saw other styles I liked but did not go and buy them.

My other two shoes that I bought are from JustFab. The booties with the fuzzy balls were not well received by my clothing consultant, who stated, "Those are not the style today!" Well excuse me I think the fuzzy balls are cute. So I like them. My other booties I bought are just wonderful. They have a higher profile which means that my skinny jeans fit in them just fine. Both of my new booties have 4+ inch heels.

You might have caught where I mentioned having a Clothing Consultant. I hired her, Nicole, to help me to start putting together women's outfits that I could wear with my heels. Nicole is guiding me into determining my sizes of clothing, what works with what, etc. It's been an interesting few weeks now. So now in addition to buying my heels, I am buying skinny jeans, blouses, etc to complete my look. And yes I have been wearing my skinny jeans with my heels out in public. Definitely no hiding the heals when wearing skinny jeans! So now I am adjusting to being more noticeable when I am out in public, but at least with Nicole's help I will be stylin correctly!

One last thing before I run, guys, gals, if you have never gotten a massage before...do it! I had my first at Massage Envy last week and it was so good! I had the Swedish massage and the woman that worked on me was simple awesome! Was feeling so relaxed afterwards...amazing! 

Well that's all for now! As always, keep strutting those heels!


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