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  1. Every once in a while someone will offer a complement about something we are wearing. For me, it's generally, "Hey I like your boots" but occasionally I get a complement on my whole outfit. I thought it would be interesting to collect the complements we have gotten into one thread, in addition to the posts in other topical threads (duplication is encouraged). Pictures of the complemented item are also encouraged. __________________________________________________ Let me start with an unexpected remark I received this morning. I was playing music for a pancake breakfast at a friend's church (any gig in a storm). I was there as "The Musician" so I could get away with wearing almost anything. This morning I wore jean print leggings, A Hudson Bay knit turtleneck, and "Its Ok" Mobile boots that have a 3" wedge heel and tasseled fringe. I had played for about an hour and a half and took a break for some pancakes when a guy in his low 80's commented, "I really like your boots". I was really taken aback by this old guy (old, as compared even to me). I replied, "Thanks, there outrageous aren't they". He said, "Yeah, but I really like them." _________________________________________________ Ok folks, let's hear some of your stories.
  2. Today was a day for getting dressed up and going out and about. Last night I wore my black OTK faux suede boots with 4" block heels to a big jam session. I left my guitar at home and took my cello and had a grand time. There are accessories for a cello that will keep the ground peg from scooting around when you are playing. Not having one of those accessories, I hold the cello in place with my legs on either side of the instrument, which looks good considering I'm wearing OTK heeled boots. Anyway I enjoyed those boots so much last night I decided to wear them again today but this time with hose, a short black knit dress with a cowl neck and a black leather jacket. I added a wide black belt and some makeup. Today's style was much less CD and more @JeffB, but I really enjoy wearing eye makeup. The first stop was a Sam's in Cincinnati. I took my time wandering through the store and other than a few polite smiles I was ignored. I did notice that when I got to the register an extra lady clerk came over to "help" the lady running the register. After Sams went to a Fresh Thyme Organic market just to wander around. Several miles down the road is a large shopping complex. I parked and went into a Shoe Carnival then walked about a block to a Nordstrom Rack and went in to look at shoes. They had a very nice selection in 11, 12 and 13s. I did not try anything on because even at sale prices I can't afford to even be tempted (and I really don't need any more boots). I walked back to my car and drove over to Kentucky. I stopped in another large shopping plaza and headed for a Famous Footwear where I browsed around. I was treated to a little rug rat pointing out to his mother that, "That guys wearing a skirt". I then walked over to a Kroger Super Store and bought a couple of things. My final stop was a thrift store in Newport. As soon as I walked in one of the lady customers said, "Oh, I really like those boots!" She went on to say that I looked nice but went back to "I really do like those boots!" I thanked her for the complement and went on looking around. After this much running around it was time to head home and "cool my heels".
  3. When I first saw those boots I thought they were a little too bold for my taste but the more I see them the more I like them. The lugged sole, bold zipper, and block heel all work really well together.
  4. Excellent outfit JeffB. The time you spent putting it together was worth the effort. The booties and skirt work well and the necklace tops it off. I think your being over sensitive about wearing pink. You wear it well. You had better pull on your thigh boots and mini skirt soon before the weather gets too warm and you forget what a great looking (and feeling) combination they are.
  5. Nice boots and a great fit. They go well with your outfit.
  6. Great blend in look JeffB. I'm not surprised you were ignored by most of thee folks at the mall. Most of them were wrapped up in their own world and the look you present does not scream "man dressed as a woman" in fact it hardly mumbles it (that a complement). It really is a most interesting goal you have of "blending in" in woman's clothes rather than passing as a women. It really is a much less stressful goal.
  7. Hey JeffB; Those are great looking shoes even if they are a little low for hhplace. I may have to stop my local Payless.
  8. Confidence wearing heels is acquired when you believe you look good in your heels but it is nice to have a second opinion. As you gain confidence in your heeling adventures, make sure you listen to her. Seek her advice and keep her part of your adventures. Maybe if you had a pair too...
  9. Ah Stepping out on the town in booties. Sounds like you and your wife had a good time. I only hope she had as much fun as you did. Complete this sentence... and she wore________________
  10. Adam Murphy (guy in the silver dress and thigh boots) seems to have handled the situation well and got a public apology from the restaurant. For my taste, the silver dress is a little too short to be worn without leggins but that's me. I suspect he knew the venue and the article says there were female guests wearing a lot less. Seems that there is a lesson here for all of us on handling bad situations.
  11. Nice comments are always nice to get, and other comments just keep the universe in balance. Those are nice heels, but is that snow on the ground in the picture? Seems a little brisk for those heels.
  12. Ancient Chinese curse - Be careful of what you wish for... but it would be fun.
  13. I just saw a commercial for the iHeartRadio music awards and there was a clip from the 2015 awards. A gal in green thigh boots caught my attention (and who says commercials don't work ). The rest of the cast in black thigh boots is kind of nice too.
  14. I found a youtube contributor "Like Me" that has put together a large collection of thigh boot videos that feature on gals wearing thigh boots and just showing them off by just wearing them. Here is the search criteria to get the youtube listing: Best Girl Thigh High Boots It looks like there are currently 16 videos in the collection. The early videos seem to be collections of vendor promotional videos and each video is about 15 minutes long. Its a nice collection of boot videos.
  15. Glad your out and about in them. Be careful at the fuel station as one errant drop of gasoline will leave a nasty stain.
  16. I found a pair of new brown faux suede OTK boots with a flat heel and no zipper at an attractive price. The top has a fold down cuff and the shaft is tight enough to be work with leggings or hose (not jeans). Unfortunately they are a size 11 and I wear a 12-13. I took a chance that they would be large but alas they were true to size. I thought about altering the boots to accommodate my feet but tried a different approach. I have another pair of boots that look like they are too little for me but they fit because there is an internal wedge so I thought why not. I cut a wedge from 1 1/2" foam insulation, which is fairly strong stuff, and put it in the heel. I took a couple of tries to get the arch support right but, to my surprise, this worked fairly well. I will still have to make some adjustments to make the wedge fills the whole heel space and does not move around when I'm putting on the boots, but I'm now wearing a size 11 pull on boots. _______________________________________ @Peter1 - Nice boots. They look like an all terrain boot, but I think I'd try to keep them clean. _______________________________________ Two more pictures: The wedge is really comfortable. To hold on the additional piece at the heel and to make a smooth surface I used the Handyman's Secret Weapon (Red Green Show), Duct Tape. ____________________________________________________ Addendum: After wearing the boots for several hours with the wedges, the seem to have stretched enough for me to wear them without the wedge. The technique seems to be a good way to break in a tight fitting pair of boots.
  17. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous date. Thigh boots are what I normally wear to the theater and I have a great time even though I'm by myself. It must have been a blast to be out with your wife. The only concern I would have with the evening is pulling on your thigh boots over your jeans while wearing stockings. I'm always found that keeping the jeans leg down to be a challenge. Tell your wife that I said it would have been easier if you were wearing a skirt. I hope she had at least half as much fun as you did.
  18. Great vid and thanks for sharing. The look you are presenting is fine. As for the walking, you manage your heels well but, you still walk like a guy. I have the same problem and I appreciate the difficulty of changing something you have done for your whole life. My suggestion is to shorten your stride (take smaller steps) and don't land so hard on your leading foot. Try walking just a little slower and reducing the bounce in your walk. Compare your video at 00:05-00:09 with the one miroseplant provided at 00:03-00:05. The gal manages a long stride but her shoulders remain level. I didn't know you could upload a .mov and an attachment. Thanks for the idea.
  19. These are the Leslie boots by It's Ok from that I got several months ago. The boots looked great when worn with jeans but the shaft was too large to be worn without jeans. Since I have a second pair in black and another in gray that I can wear with jeans, I ran this pair through the sewing machine and took about 3" out of the shaft by running a seam down the inside of the back from the top to the middle of the zipper. I now have a tight fitting pair of boots that I can wear with leggings or hose. (and yeah the shirt sure is pink. )
  20. Welcome back and you're looking good in your heels. Did you get to do an music on your travels?
  21. I have discovered an incentive for loosing weight. For me the incentive is skirts but shorts or pants would work. I normally wear a size 14 but I found that buying a 12, which I could barely fasten, limited the amount of food I could eat, and really looked good. Keep in mind I buy skirts at a thrift store so if one is really unwearable I'm only out $4. When the 12s start to fit I'll move to 10s (there may be a bit of wishful thinking there).
  22. Wild indeed! To where and with what will you wear them? I'd avoid going out in the jungle with them on as some large furry feline creature may find you too attractive.
  23. I have a thought on taking care when we speak. I try to be articulate and clear on my meanings but... In my last post I mention that I stopped at Home Depot for some paint stripper. I used the stripper today on a book shelf and the following phrases kept going through my mind: This is the best ten dollar stripper I ever saw. The stripper sure did take it off fast. Getting the stripper into a corner was tough. Working the stripper into the ogee was fun (without letting the slightest hint of an "r" get into ogee). I just spent three hours stripping. It was difficult stripping in a tight space. I have never liked the term "stripper boots" but these phrases become particularly "interesting" when you yourself are wearing tight fitting thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels.
  24. South, DSW in Crestview Hills I didn't really go in to buy something, rather it was just a place to go while I was out. I REALLY don't need another pair of boots.
  25. Either you like your look, or you don't. If you don't like the image looking back at you in a mirror, don't let anyone else see it. If you do like it, then show it off with confidence. If you worry about someone seeing your shoes, that is all you will do and you won't have a bit of fun. In fact I'll recommend you carry TUMS with you to settle your stomach. People will see your shoes! They won't care, but they will see them. Treat you shoes like your shirt, coat, sweater,... "This is what I'm wearing and I think it looks good." Folks will respect that attitude, you won't need the TUMS, and you will have a great time.