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  1. I met my postman at his truck and he gave me a big box that contained two pair of boots! Both pair were from and were shipped for free. They are both Chelsea Moreland "Gorgeous" OTK boots size 12 with a 4" block heel for about $30, one pair in gray and the other in red. I'm going to have to really give some thought into how to wear the red pair as they are "attention getters". I'll probably pair them with my new red leather short jacket. The go with the taupe pair I purchased a few weeks ago.
  2. Great looking boots. Good luck in your search.
  3. Every once in a while someone will offer a complement about something we are wearing. For me, it's generally, "Hey I like your boots" but occasionally I get a complement on my whole outfit. I thought it would be interesting to collect the complements we have gotten into one thread, in addition to the posts in other topical threads (duplication is encouraged). Pictures of the complemented item are also encouraged. __________________________________________________ Let me start with an unexpected remark I received this morning. I was playing music for a pancake breakfast at a friend's church (any gig in a storm). I was there as "The Musician" so I could get away with wearing almost anything. This morning I wore jean print leggings, A Hudson Bay knit turtleneck, and "Its Ok" Mobile boots that have a 3" wedge heel and tasseled fringe. I had played for about an hour and a half and took a break for some pancakes when a guy in his low 80's commented, "I really like your boots". I was really taken aback by this old guy (old, as compared even to me). I replied, "Thanks, there outrageous aren't they". He said, "Yeah, but I really like them." _________________________________________________ Ok folks, let's hear some of your stories.
  4. This morning I had to go to my bank and see the manager and complete a transaction. I wore my new OTK taupe boots with 4" block heel over jeans. To quote the current Lending Tree commercial "This is what I wear when I go banking". The manager remembered me as the last time I was there I wore a skirt and boots. Anyway, after the bank I went to the post office and then my favorite thrift store. When I walked in one of the ladies called out, "Oh, I like your boots!" I called back a thank you. While I was there I spotted a long suede skirt in a size 10 for $3. My first thought was I don't need another leather skirt. My second thought was I can't wear a 10, but for $3 I tried it on and to my surprise it fit. The color works with these boots, but I think my black pair will be better. Planning what to wear with global warming is a challenge. Yesterday was in the 30's F and boots over jeans was really comfortable. Today it's in the mid 60 F and boots and jeans are noticeably warm. The temperature is expected to vary this much, almost daily, over the next week. I'm still looking for the cooler weather as I ordered two more pair of these boots in red and gray and I'm expecting delivery today.
  5. Very elegant. They look great with all your outfits. Well done.
  6. Google translation - Very nice boots you wear them well
  7. Last night I broke with a tradition I have of not mixing heels and my musical friends. Most of the time when I'm performing solo I often wear tall boots with 4-5" heels but when I'm in a jam session I wear boots but with flat to 2" heels. (These are almost flat heels but typical of what I wear when performing.) A friend described most of the folks at the jam sessions as "Old guys with flannel shirts and pony tails", which is close to correct. I play well enough to command the respect of most in the jam sessions as a musician and I kind of counted on that to have this group accept my freestyling. Anyway, I was wearing my black faux suede OTK boots with 4" block heels all day and when it came time to head out for the jam I grabbed my hat and guitar and thought "why not". I did wear them as knee high rather than OTK height but I went to the jam in 4" heels. For the first two hours there was a large group and I played standing up. After that we split up and I played for another hour sitting. The only comment was when one friend asked me (when no one else was around) how tall I was with those shoes. I had to stop and think to remember how high a heel I had on. As far as I could tell, most noticed my boots and just figured, without surprise, "that's him, he does that" and went on enjoying the jam. I probably won't make wearing heels to a jam an all the time thing simply because I have a lot of boots with lower heels that I like to wear. But, I've broken the mold so I'm sure I will wear heel at a jam again. Before anyone asks, skirts are too much of a fashion stretch for this group and consider the difficulty of sitting with a guitar and remaining decent while wearing a short skirt. To my eye heels in the 4" range are more "dressy" then my low heels boots so I'll have to improve in the "flannel shirt and pony tail" image when I wear heels. But then I don't want to be too far out for these casual jams. Like I said, I broke the mold and had a great time.
  8. I do hope you realize how fortunate you are. Please tell her that the guys here appreciate her supporting you and are a bit envious.
  9. Great look. Well done JeffB and complements are always nice but especially from women in their late 20's (which puts complements from old farts in their 70's into perspective ).
  10. The heels look great. I'm assuming "the wife" is your wife... did she mind your wearing heels and did she have preference?
  11. That is it exactly. Some skirts are cut more straight lined from the waist to the hip and these tend to fit a male nicely. KneeBooted's skirt seems to have a noticeably smaller waist that I hope matches his proportions. However, the skirt was sized as S, M L, XL,... rather than an exact size so it may be cut for a more universal fit.
  12. That skirt looks great but it does taper a lot at the waist so I hope it fits. Link
  13. Nice looking boots. Take a look at that vendors OTK collection.
  14. I don't know how I missed this thread. I always show off my boots when I wear them with jeans (or leggings, or a skirt, ...). I just came back fro Sam's and the bank wearing my blue OTK faux suede boots. These really are a little short for OTK length, but they looked good on the Chinese model when I ordered them. Yesterday the temperatures were in the low 30's F and today it is almost 70 F. Not only do we have to deal with coordinating the colors of an outfit and making sure our heels look good, but now we we have to contend with global warming. I'm expecting snow by tomorrow.
  15. I stopped by my favorite thrift store with no intention of buying anything and walked out with a pair of black knee high boots in a size 11 with a 3" stiletto heel and a black knit dress. The ladies at the counter, who know me very well, still remarked that they didn't see how I could walk on those heels, and I insisted that these weren't really serious heels. If you haven't guessed, I really like my new hat. I was out and about earlier today with a trip to my chiropractor (just a tune up) and several trips to the court house. I stopped in a local park for a picture.
  16. Good heavens what an interesting image. Try blocking out one of the boots with your hand and asking yourself to describe the wearer, then block out the other one and ask the same question. The combination describes a very interesting/diverse person. Typically when I think about contrast in an image I'm thinking photographically of the range between light and dark. This image got me thinking about contrast in a whole different way. I am avoiding my suggestion to wear boots over the pants leg. There is already enough contrast in that image. Thanks for sharing.
  17. For the past year I have been having problems with a pinched nerve in my lower back affecting my left leg. My chiropractor has eliminated the pain but she says the nerve may never completely recover, although it has, and continues to, improve. The result is my left leg and particularly my left ankle are weaker than the right which means I walk kind of funny especially on 5" stilettos The worst thing that was happening was that my left ankle would not withstand the sideways torque a 5" heel put on my ankle if the surface I was walking on was not absolutely flat. Waking on a lawn is almost impossible. After a lot of practicing, I noticed I was having the most problems with my black leather thigh boots, which are probably a size too large for me, but even 3" block heels are giving me issues. I have always recommended that folks used a cushioned insole in boots. I had an extra thick insole in my thigh boots and, although being very comfortable, gave me a soft surface (unstable) upon which to walk. I took the insole out and it really has helped stabilize my foot a lot! I really wanted to improve my walking so I got out my video camera and practiced walking. I noticed that when I transferred weight onto my left foot, my leg gave way just a bit, but it was enough to look awkward. To make sure I was seeing an image that would inspire me to walk correctly, I practiced walking in my thigh boots, mini skirt, and log hair which emphasized any roughness in my gate. I think practice transferring my weight to my left foot and leaning to the right just a bit to counteract the leg not accepting the weight will smooth things out a lot. I also figured that while I was at it, I would see if I could walk less like a guy, which means better posture. Essentially I have to learn to walk all over again. The bottom line is removing the insole and practice. Any advice will be appreciated.
  18. I did change the 5" stilettos for 4" stilettos and headed out to two thrift stores, Sam's Club, Kroger super store (grocery) and Walmart. I starteded out wearing the black long coat pictures, above but in the first thrift store I found a short red leather jacket and decided to wear it instead. (I keep telling @JeffB there are short coats out there.) This is a picture in Walmart's parking lot. The knit dress is sleeveless so I added a pair of long gloves (actually shoulder length) that made trying on a different coat in the store an "interesting show". (Shoulder length opera gloves is just a little over dressed for a thrift store. ) This outing turned into over two hours of walking, as I took my time in all the stores I visited, and I found out I could still move quickly in 4" heels when a gust of wind made hat chasing a running event. I think I can safely say I can spend the whole day in 4" heels, so at age 70, if all I have to give up is 1" of stiletto heel height I think I'm doing Ok. Maybe a better way of stating it is I'm lucky that is the only concession I have to make. Getting old is not not the faint of heart, but it isn't too bad when you can do it in heels.
  19. It's been a while since I posted an update. My left ankle is much improved but still not back to it original condition. It may never get there so to compensate I have bought several pair of OTH boots with 4" block heels and I find I can wear them with no ankle problems at all. Just to see how well thing were doing, I went out this morning wearing my thigh boots with 5" stilettos with my ankle brace and things went well. My short outing was to the post office and required about a half a block of walking to and from my car. Toward the end of the outing my left ankle was feeling Ok but was saying, "I thought I told you not to do this". I'll keep working on strengthening the ankle but my 5" stilettos may be relegated to special occasions (which will be one of the disappointments of getting old ). I have to go to Sam's Club in a little while but I think I'll change to boots with a 4" stiletto for that extended walking exercise.
  20. I am still careful about where I go wearing heels. There are still some places I won't go, but thinking about it I probably wouldn't go there even if I wasn't wearing heels. I don't think I'll bother considering if I will be in a mass shooting when it comes to deciding what my footwear I will be. Jkrenzer said it correctly, "wear your boots or ankle straps with confidence" and it goes without saying never go out in shoes/boots in which you can't walk. I still remember being out wearing thigh boots with 5" stiletto heels and having a $20 bill blow out of my hand. I surprised myself how on well I could run in those heels.
  21. Once more the postman cometh beating boxes of boots. Just because I am expecting to wear this black pair a lot this winter and anticipate them getting messed up in the snow, I bought a second pair. They being on sale for $23 with free shipping made the decision to get a second pair easier. The other new pair are also from These are Chelsea Moreland "Gorgeous" OTK boots in taupe size 12 with a 4" block heel for about $30. The boots have a flashy zipper and the toe is almond shaped. When I first put them on they the width was tight but they have relaxed a good bit with a second wearing. The shaft on these boots is very light and just for show whereas the black boots are heavier and quite functionally warm. The shaft, although not wide calf, is generous enough to need to be worn over jeans rather than leggings. There is also a functional tie at the top (untied in the pictures). The more I'm wearing these boots, the more I'm liking them. They are also available in black, red, and gray and I'm sorely tempted. _______________________________ Addendum: After wearing these new Chelsea Moreland boots for a day, I find them to be the most comfortable heel to walk in that I own. The geometry of the shoe design is right on the mark. _______________________________ Second addendum: To go with a red leather jacked I just bought I've ordered a pair of these boots in red, and while they were on sale (with free shipping) I ordered a pair in gray.
  22. The shoes look great but you look a little stressed at that height (I hope I'm misreading the bent knees in the picture)..
  23. I'm certain that any interruption in JeffB's schedule for jaunts has been caused by the brisk weather we have started having and furthered by the fact that he has misplaced his nice warm thigh boots. I'm sure as soon as he finds them again he will be out and about with his usual aplomb.
  24. Some labels do matter. The ones that others pin on us matter not so much, but the ones we pin on ourselves matter a great deal as they define how we see ourselves.
  25. I enjoyed the video but at the end this link popped up which I enjoyed even more (and he can really wear boots):