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  1. Those are so perfect
  2. Love the heels and jeans, I love to wear that!! just worried that too much skin shows and gives my heel fetish away.
  3. @Spareheels, you are asking what do you think people will notice when you are wearing heels? The toe or heel? I am in that same boat, I keep thinking that I need to get more of a rounded toe shoe so it looks more like a mens shoe and doesnt alert everyone that I am wearing heels. I too like wearing a stiletto heel and I dont think that a lot of people see it as it is mostly covered by my long pants. Its the patent leather pointed toe that I think is a give away that I am wearing a womens shoe. Do you agree. I think the skin that you show on your shoe is a dead give away also i think wearing something black to hide that is a big help but it just is not the same feeling for me. I have to wear heels barefoot, I love that feeling. So I guess my answer is the toe design and the skin that shows with the low cut shoes and toe cleveage. Glad to hear you prefer stilettos!!! It is such a great feeling!!
  4. Straight guy here that loves heels on women and just recently found that I love to wear them. WOW what a feeling, now I know what all of the women have been feeling. I have seen and agree that I wish it was acceptable to wear what you want out but know that it isnt. I have been brave and bought pants that go all the way to the ground and have worn pumps into stores a long way from home that are lower end kind of stores. I don't want to run into someone I might know. I avoid as many people as I can. I love the feeling. I wear pumps and platforms, with a thin heel if I can find. I hope this can be a place to talk and share. thank you for listening
  5. Thank you everyone!! Felt great to share that!! Can't really do that anywhere else!!