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  1. They do still fit tbg
  2. Thought it'd take longer time than this to start this thread... Anyway. There's a halloween party next friday night. I have considered both back and forward but today was the first step in this progress. Took my cowboy boots to a cobbler today to get some accurate treatment products. To say this. I dont was nervous at all. He got stunned when I took the boots out of the bag. Whoaw, sexy boots, they are way cool he said. He wanted also put out a pic of them on the webpage. Go for it I said. There was many questions about them. Then he recommended me to put a outsole on the boots. This meeting couraged me forward. My b*lls growed very much of this, and that leads to the halloween outing next friday. As I live at my parents while restoring my own house they'll gotta know first of all but they hasn't seen them, yet... But the reactions will I share with y'all And of course. I have been inspired of all outings and more from you guys. Without this board I'd still seen heels on guys as something kinky, including myself.
  3. Actually. There's going right way with my handles. They're shrinking more and more. The body goes into fat burning mode due to lack of carbonhydrates and creates the ketons for the brain out of fat instead if eating very few carbs. During this phase shift one can become a slight slow thinking, tired etc but it will correct after some days when fully adapted. LCHF also let the muscles being intact, as long as the intake of proteins and fat are high. The best of all. Can eat until fed up and stands longer between meals due to the fat lasts longer than empty carbs. Thats a short summarum.
  4. Demonstration
  5. Second week. Another 1 kg lost, waist reduced by yet another 2 cm. Many gives up after 3 weeks. I wont do that. @Micce thats a impressing journey you have done. Kudos!!!
  6. Showing what I got. Tucking the jeans.
  7. @Gudulitooo there are some love handles around my belly I want to get rid of, that have always been disturbing me. If I get down to target weight there's still some body fat to transform into muscles.
  8. After first week. Scale shows 1 kg less, but the waistline have reduced about 3,5 cm (1 7/16 inch) Stands longer between meals. No craving for sweet stuff either, except for high heeled shoes
  9. Good point she got
  10. Not to be rude but those last pics is suitable for those kinky communitys. I do not name them cos this is a fashion community for all ages.
  11. +1 on that statement. I have been dangerously close to buy a pair of them, was even offered a pair second-hand as well but somewhere there was a chicken in the picture...
  12. It's just gonna be aaaaall fine
  13. Well. If I had a clothing/shoe store I'd just sort items by size, not by gender. With the ideology: If you love the item. WEAR IT. With pride!
  14. Virgin oil