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  1. Actual readings. 114 kg and 109 cm waist
  2. Thought it'd take longer time than this to start this thread... Anyway. There's a halloween party next friday night. I have considered both back and forward but today was the first step in this progress. Took my cowboy boots to a cobbler today to get some accurate treatment products. To say this. I dont was nervous at all. He got stunned when I took the boots out of the bag. Whoaw, sexy boots, they are way cool he said. He wanted also put out a pic of them on the webpage. Go for it I said. There was many questions about them. Then he recommended me to put a outsole on the boots. This meeting couraged me forward. My b*lls growed very much of this, and that leads to the halloween outing next friday. As I live at my parents while restoring my own house they'll gotta know first of all but they hasn't seen them, yet... But the reactions will I share with y'all And of course. I have been inspired of all outings and more from you guys. Without this board I'd still seen heels on guys as something kinky, including myself.
  3. We do the same here in Sweden actually. It seems rude to walk inside a house with shoes on.
  4. That's some poisonus heels. Just a shame they wasnt delivered in us15...
  5. You got stung by western boot fever for sure pal ride on with those nice boots.
  6. Thank you I have to remove my thumb from a dark place and get the heels reglued
  7. Those was my first pair and even my second pair. Yeah you heard right. I bought my first pair for more kinky purposes. But that did not went well so they did go into the thrash bin a year and a half later. I bought them in 2010 I think. Not sure. Missed them a month later so I bought a second pair. But by that time the quality had decreased so the second pair is barely used due to problems with zippers and jiggly heels (needs to be reglued) The brand is Giaro, thigh high and lacing in front, double sided zippers, heel 18 cm and pf 6 cm, really nice to walk in . It was by the time when they had just started to make business at ebay.
  8. Amplifier
  9. Flattering
  10. All my thigh high with zippers got the zips on the side. Could'nt even think about back zippers.
  11. No idea who's maded them. But all i can say there's a few makers in china using genuine leater. Many producers do use synthetic leather due to expensive costs of genuine. And second. Those boots are awesome. If you find'em lemme know where. I want a pair also.
  12. After the fourth week the scale shows yet another kg less. Total -4,5 kg since start.