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Trying To Buy My Gf Some Sexy Shoes - Anyone Know The Brand?

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Hey all


I'm a guy (26) that's always been into heels - looks so lovely when chicks have painted toenails and a sexy pair of shoes. I'm trying to get my gf these shoes, does anyone know the brand?



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I would read the reviews about the company ami club wear before ordering from them. I have bought many pairs of heels from the highest heel for my wife and I. they have some very sexy shoes. if you like platform pumps for your girl my wife loves the patent mary jane platform pump. she has the 51/2 -53/4 ones in black- white and red. she also has the 61/2-63/4 ones also in the same style. she wears the lower ones out all the time and has no problem walking im them. she has many platform pumps in 51/2 to 6inch and finds the ones at the highest heel to be the easiest to walk in and I think these are very sexy. I also have a pair of each in black patent and the 51/2-53/4 ones are actually 6 inch in a size 12. I find these very easy to walk in. I could walk all night in these.

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