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  1. if you like platform pumps that are high and really sexy and very easy to walk in you will love the shoe called kissable71. my wife has these in red patent black patent and white patent. she has so many pairs of pumps from 4 inch to 61/2 inch and she can wear these kissable 71s all night and they really look hot. they are 51/2 inches high. I have also worn many heels over the years and I bought these in black patent. I can wear these all day so easy. I got them from the highest heel. if you like this type of heel you will love these. we just came back from a cruise in which my wife wore all 3
  2. I would read the reviews about the company ami club wear before ordering from them. I have bought many pairs of heels from the highest heel for my wife and I. they have some very sexy shoes. if you like platform pumps for your girl my wife loves the patent mary jane platform pump. she has the 51/2 -53/4 ones in black- white and red. she also has the 61/2-63/4 ones also in the same style. she wears the lower ones out all the time and has no problem walking im them. she has many platform pumps in 51/2 to 6inch and finds the ones at the highest heel to be the easiest to walk in and I think these
  3. i used to find a 4 inch pump so sexy when my wife wore them out years ago. now she rarely wears them and i don't get that feeling anymore. she has many pairs of the new style platform pumps which range from 51/2 inches to 61/4 inches which she wears out now when we go out for a nice evening or every night in las vegas and every night on cruises. i find these higher heels so much sexier. when you put them side by side the 4 inch heel looks like a 2 inch heel. she also finds these platforms easier to walk on that the regular 4 inch styles. obviously most ladies today find this true because so ma
  4. jerbare- did you get the email I sent you about private messages? trevor
  5. jerbare I sent you an email. did you get it. yes its a good thing that we got them when we did. this has happened before where I had to wait 6 months after they were sold out. I love these heels. they are super high and just enough of a challenge to make them fun to walk in. how did you find them to walk in?
  6. jerbare- I am getting these delivered Monday also. I hope you like these I know I will. also ill enjoy seeing the wife wearing these.
  7. jerbare- when did they tell you they were coming in. I was told they would be in to the highest heel at the end of September but not sure if that will happen. really looking forward to getting these.
  8. I bought the kissable-71 platform heels last year or the year before in black patent- white patent and red patent in size 7 for the wife and a black patent in size 12 for me. these are close but these are much higher. I find the higher the heel the sexier the shoe. because of the platform my wife wears those all the time with no problem. when we go on cruises or las vegas she wears them every night. she gets a lot of looks when wearing those shoes. I find them fun to wear also. now these are much higher so we will have to see how she handles these. I cant wait to try these either.
  9. I just ordered 3 pairs of the bombshell-51 from the highest heel. I ordered the patent black for me in size 12 and the red patent and black patent for the wife in size 7. they wont be available till the beginning of October. these are actually 7 inches in a 12 and 63/4 inches in the 7. just google in bombshell-51 high heels and they will come up at different sites. what does everyone think of these? I think they will look really hot.
  10. my wife bought a pair of 7 inch heeless silver wedges at the mirage hotel in las vegas. they were marked down to15.99 so she bought them. when I got back to the hotel and she showed them to me I was like how can anyone walk in these. she wears 5 to 6 inch platform pumps all the time but these looked crazy. well she says she was going to try them on Saturday night. she wore them and she had no problem at all. they look like you could fall backwards but she did great. she had a dress on and I will have to say she had a lot of girls approach her saying they looked great and how was it to walk in
  11. while in las vegas my wife and i saw a girl wearing those type of platforms with no heels. they were silver with like cubic zirconia type diamonds. i would say they had to be like 7 inches high with like a 3 inch platform. my question has anyone worn these type shoes and how do they compare trying to walk in them verses a pair of 6 inch heels with a 2 inch platform.
  12. my wife and i are going on a cruise in a few months and the only 2 pairs of shoes she will be bringing are her 51/2 inch red patent and black patent platform pumps. if you google kissable 71 platform pump high heels you can see them at one of the places that sells them. my wife likes to dress up each night and wears shorter type skirts and dresses. she will be wearing these shoes each night with really sheer pantyhose or stockings. on one of the formal nights she is going to wear a red sexy type dress with her seamed copper/tan stockings with the red patent platforms. im really looking forward
  13. ive never posted pictures so just google kissable 71 platform high heels and it will come up. alot of places sell them. i think the red patent ones are just so hot looking.
  14. im just curious to see what everyone feels is a sexier type shoe. the 4inch pump or the 51/2- 6inch platform pump. in the past my wife mostly wore 4 inch pumps when going out at night. she had a few of the 5 inch pumps on occasion she would wear if not having to walk to far. i use to think these were the sexiest shoes. now i dont find a 4 inch heel that hot anymore. she has like 4 pairs of the new platform pumps in the 51/2 -6inch height which you see everyone wearing now. she can handle these really well. for me i think the higher the heel the sexier the shoe most of the time. what is everyon
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