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Watchmen and high heels - continuity mistakes

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I had some fun watching this movie as the SilkSpectreII shoes magicaly change from one scene to another... as for a heels lover this movie was very fun to watch.

Here some examples of continuity mistakes...

1. As she jumps down to rescue some kid on a fire she has flat boots - http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj116/mmartins07/watchmen/1.png

2. Just after the rescue, they park their 'archi' on the sky and have some fun together... now she has a 5" metal spike heels on... http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj116/mmartins07/watchmen/2.png



3. After the fun they remember to rescue another super-hero and magically now she has some 3-4" block heel...



4. Now she will kick down a bad guy and suddenly she has the flat boots again... just until the fighting is over...




As she leaves the fight, the block heels are back...



the last 3 pictures are just some heels-fun...

Her mother as a young lady



and as she gets olders her heels don't get lower...


Hope you enjoy...

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Nice screen shots. I tried to watch this movie on a long plane ride but it was too slow (the movie) and too dark (couldn't see what was happening, just like some of the screen grabs!). Other movies with magic heel changes: Charlies Angels and Catwoman. I guess it's just too dangerous to fight in spike heels, both for the wearer and the victim!

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