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  1. Payless did carry up to 13 the were very inexpensive. Not many stores up here in Maine carried that size. We have a Nordstrom Rack about an hour away from me and the have a decent selection of 12/13. Pricing, the most I have paid, was $65 fopr a pair of Steve Madden pumps. Most have ranged in the $40-50 range.
  2. Well done..I have tried on heels many times at THe Rack...
  3. Good morning....I would try to find Nordstrom Rack. They have a decent selection on 12 and some 13. I usually hit my local one up a couple times a month...
  4. Agreed...other way is to get a mail box through a private shipping/ups company...
  5. My wife, though less than thrilled that I wear heels, met the UPS guy in the driveway with my new purchase, called me to say they arrived.
  6. Love the shoes!!! Best is with the maxi skirt!!!!! Love them!!!!
  7. Just thought I would stop by and say hello to a neighbor and fellow heeler!!

  8. Who hasn't been caught...but it still is great to look. MIL...mine wears some of the best heels out there!!
  9. I wear a 12M and have had very good luck with Payless SHoes. Now going in and finding the correct size is not very easy. However I have had excellent luck with mail order.
  10. 2 pairs right now, always looking for more however size 12 male makes it tough to find the right pair for me.
  11. Stilettos, 5", I have a couple of pairs. Gotta go tall!
  12. Just another male that loves to wear high heels!! I currently have two pairs and looking forward to more!
  13. Another male here that love to wear high heels!!!
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