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  1. keels

    It's a start

    I have had these for a while. Lower cut and a bit more feminine.
  2. keels

    It's a start

    Here they are. Not to everyone's taste, but the are women's shoes which I wear everywhere.
  3. keels

    It's a start

    They have a small heel so are not totally flat.
  4. keels

    It's a start

    I wear them out, supermarket, library, around town. No comments so far and the wife is happy!
  5. keels

    It's a start

    My wife now allows me to wear women's loafers. It's a start!
  6. The ladies have had this subject running fr a while. I would like to open this for the men and see if there are any differences. I find the greatest problem is walking on grass. Sometimes your heel can sink in and the next thing you know you are walking along with only one shoe on. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. I got a lot of shoe from Tallgirls over the years. Unfortunately they ceased trading a few months ago, they used to stock up to size 11UK.
  8. keels

    Ballet Flats

    I like ti wear ballet flats, I find them comfortable and feminine. Similarly I wear women's loafers, comfortable and, being lower cut, still feminine.
  9. Hi Newfoundlove, I think for most of us the main thing is we find heels so sexy, when properly worn. If you have not worn heels before you do need to ptactice, if you don't you are likely to look rather silly. We would rather not see your heel hidden by your jeans, we want to see them after all. Don't hide them in the bedroom, be proud of them and let the world see them.
  10. Today I plucked up courage and did my weekly supermarket shop wearing a pair of womens shoes. Everyone in the shop was so intent on their shopping that no one even noticed. I have heard it said before that the best place to hide is in a crowd, this certainly proved it to me. A great experience.
  11. I like your shoes. Congratulations on your walk. How did you get on with the walking surface, grass, cobbles? That sort of surface terrifies me.
  12. Hi, can anyone recommend any helpful shops in the Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire area?
  13. keels


    I agree about the lightness of all womens shoes. I wear flats and enjoy wearing womens loafers to see if anyone notices.
  14. For me it has to be shoes, not boots. As for the heel, anything from flats up to about 3 inch heels. I will wear womens loafers rather than mens, they are more comfortable being lower cut. Anything feminine basically.
  15. Yes I have done that. The waitress was initially surprised but then wanted to know why I wore heels, how often and we had a nice chat.
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