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  1. Hello, people. I've been a member of this site for God knows how long ("It says on your account page, doofus!") but I've never gotten really active in here... Earlier the reason is having a fetish for high heeled leather boots has been a bottomless well of shame for me. Don't ask why, just accept that it's the case. It's not as simple as it seems. That shame still exists, but I'm more open about it these days and I've had some awesome times with some of my lady friends... sometimes I've found them the right pair of boots to wear. I'm kind of proud of that. I can have a lot of fun with my boot thing with my friends... intimately I get a little inhibited about it. Oh well. So... I'll jump into it. I'm a straight guy and I have my dreams about my own 'puss in boots' and fantasies of much more than that. So... While I'm not downright looking, who knows? I'm always up for a good conversation. Yours, Jayteasee aka Saapaspöppelö™
  2. Thanks for the info. I do have that kind of a temptation, yes, but I still think they'd be better on a girl.
  3. I would, but I don't know a girl that would wear them.
  4. Hmmm. I dunno if it's besides the point... but I'd still like to say that there are some cool jeans/boots pics. My favourite... unfortunately somewhat a rarity. (except when someone has gorgeous boots but pants have legs so long that no one can see the boots...)
  5. I just have to stick my fingers into this soup here... I went to see the first movie cuz I liked the original TV series. Unfortunately, the movie was so goofy that I don't think even the nice outfits and especially the lovely footwear couldn't save it. But heck, it was one way to spend an evening. Then the second movie came. I was like, what the heck. I'll go and see the film in the movies cuz I did so with the first one. Well. I went... and saw Lucy Liu changing from boots A to boots B and back to boots A and soon to boots B - and she did it while kicking ass and jumping out of a window... huh??? Lovely boot content of course, esp the red boots and the trousers (high heeled boots & trousers = )... but other than that, I sat through it only because I had paid 8 euro for being there. But somewhere I just threw a handfull of crisps towards the screen, holding back myself screaming "Vittu tää on paska leffa!" (Those outside Finland: I expressed my opinion about the movie with two profane words. ) (("Fuck this is a shit movie!"))
  6. WTF? What does it matter if someone has something to say and likes to say it in a long way? No need to read all of it, just skim...
  7. I can't see myself turning into goo, but I can understand perfectly.
  8. It kind of destroys the meaning of the board, I feel... couldn't it just be a low-heel something and not a... loafer??!
  9. Weird concept. Stopping posting because you like the post count avatar... ...on the other hand, looking at the boot, I can't blame you.
  10. Interesting conversation, this here... Hmmm... OK, I don't really wear these, I'm just talking about the looks... I'm also boots fan so I'll discuss just from that point of view. I don't think there's really a point where it's too high as in how it looks to me... it depends on whoever is wearing the pair of footwear. It's like... you can see if the person isn't comfortable in these, and I kind of hurt for her. Sympathy. It has to work for her... cuz it if to doesn't, it doesn't work for me, either. My preferation is probably somewhere around 4 inches or something... but I feel that the heel isn't the only way to give the footwear that "attack". It also depends on the shaping of the whole shoe. Super high heels go better with pumps... not so well with boots, but hell... Ballet heels... well, I guess I admire anybody who can walk in them... but it really isn't necessary. But it would be a curious appearance. (Side note: Hmm... Moderators? Having said what I did above, why do you have that "Comfy Loafer" there? Why not swap it to something more feminine? Some kind of nice ankle boot... yep, noob complaining here...)
  11. Hmm. I read through the whole thread, so I guess I'm just seconding or 5436thing whatever people have said, but who cares... On the father that killed the son over homophobic issues... very unfortunate that someone is ready to ruin his own life because he can't stand someone else's. That's just wrong. He got what he deserved. Death or Life in prison? I don't know. Financy aside, they are just as useful forms of justice, as the killed person stays dead. You can't really decide which is more sufficient. Then to the original subject. I believe Anita did Sean a favour. I feel that Sean really needed to explore this thing, and it was really cool - heh, sorry, my vocab doesn't allow for better term - that you, Anita, were there to walk him through it. I can't imagine you being there in any other way than to sustain whatever he'd throw at you. The only way to help: be there, and listen. Good going, we need people like you. >thumbs up<
  12. I do find that a difficult task... not cranking my head every time I hear that clicking sound. Yeah, not very pretty, I admit...
  13. Very nice pics! How do I post pics here? Do they have to be in some location in the internet for me to post them here?
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