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  1. Hi Jspear and welcome to the forum Nice to see a woman join - everyones friendly on here and would like to hear a ladies view on some of the topics we post
  2. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/high-heels-work-can-bad-12502096 Noticed the poditary / equality facists chime in as usual with their bilge ! And whats that clarity of thought BS from the no doubt well paid non job
  3. The World's Most Luxurious Shoes: This film has unprecedented access to Christian Louboutin's extraordinary world as he tries to introduce his famous footwear to super-rich markets in Asia. Looks like a good watch !!!
  4. Just seen this about some women being refused attmittance for wearing rhinestone flats. Story here www.theguardian.com/film/2015/may/19/cannes-backlash-high-heels-emily-blunt-flat-shoes
  5. Why dont you have a go at spray painting a pair you already have ??? The paint you should use is acyilic spray paint (Signal Red) from B&Q, (if you live in UK/Eire it's about £6). Don't use ordinary house paint - this is oil based and takes forever to dry (and remains tacky for WEEKS sometimes !) Use masking tape to mask off the main body of the shoe and buy a small tin of cellulose thinners to get any overspray off with a bit of old rag. The spray paint usually needs two coats sprayed about 30 minutes apart - then leave for 24 hours, remove the masking tape, take any overspray off with the thinners, and leave to air off for about a couple of days. It should leave a mirror finish - use some furniture polish on the parts you can see and the paint finish will be FAR better that any Lab ones !! (which comes off VERY easily) In fact I bought a worn once, second-hand pair of genuine Labs for my neice as a birthday present - (as she knows I wear heels too in my house, and now loves wearing heels herself after I trained her !!!!!) - and I thought the finish quality left a lot to be desired
  6. I believe she takes a UK 5 - most shoes sold for £100 - £120, and promptly appeared on eBay for far more than that !
  7. A story my neice noticed this story for me recently http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/133377/Victoria-Beckham-Donates-A-Crazy-Amount-Of-Shoes-To-The-British-Red-Cross-For-Typhoon-Haiyan-Aid Said I would have really liked to sort that little lot out LOL !! Queues around the block at the Red Cross shop in London for these Wonder how many UK size 5 and 6s walked on their own when being sorted
  8. My neice - (who knows and is supportive about my high heel wearing) bought me a little 3" stiletto shoe ornament as one of my xmas presents. Which was lovely - and was surprised as I thought it was the best present I got from her
  9. Looks like I've a bit of explaining to do ..... This will explain the pink on the map bit ... http://www.rmg.co.uk/explore/sea-and-ships/facts/faqs/general/why-is-the-british-empire-coloured-pink-on-maps Every school had a huge world map up somewhere in class and many teachers would point out, "pink, pink, pink, pink" what does this mean ? 2/5ths of the world on British maps was pink for either the Empire or after the 1956 Suez Crisis, "The Commonwealth" "Wagon" denotes in northern England / Scotland what southern English people would call a "lorry driver" and I think in the States would be someone who has a CDL Licence for a truck A "Station Wagon" is called an "Estate Car" here A pith helmet is someting you always used to see on Indian troops or on the British serving there .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pith_helmet Washing the elephant is exactly what it says - you hosed an elephant down before bedtime - this happened in British India and was usually followed by "sundowners" - a few whisky and sodas before going to bed LOL !! BTW ... for life in Great Britain I would get this book off Amazon US for peanuts http://www.amazon.com/London-Complete-Residents-Explorer-Publishing/dp/9768182962/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1383954736&sr=1-1&keywords=london+residents+guide A very useful book for anyone thinking of coming over here for a holiday Anyway - time to put my 5" Court Shoes, sorry, Pumps on now John
  10. On newer stuff HMRC also can check at the feed to the injectors - they only need a cotton buds worth to test for the marker - not a bucketful ! Lots of coach companies and european hauliers have HUGE extra tanks fitted and fill up in places like Belgium or the old Eastern Block where DERV is cheaper and NEVER buy fuel in the UK. Under EU regs ex Warsaw Pact EU countries can poach business entirely in the UK - and as their diesel (and wages are a fraction of UK ones they regularly poach contracts from UK hauliers) Also foriegn wagons don't pay a motorway surcharge in the UK - but UK wagon drivers do when they travel in the rest of europe !!! Some of the massive UK hauliers like "Eddie Stobart" buy their fuel on the Amsterdam spot market at trade prices and drive it in by road tanker to their bases in the UK - and as EU duty has been paid (a lot less then UK Duty) theres nothing HM Government can do. Anyway you Yanks and the rest of Europe drive on the wrong side the road as it is - and still the sun never sets on the British Empire - and the 2/5ths of the world map is still pink anyway, just off to get my pith helmet on to go wash the elephant before sundowners
  11. Customs fuel checks are endemic in the north and lowland Scotland. If you have a diesel around YOU WILL BE STOPPED ! You can even buy red from normal garage forecourts in Bradford (as well as fuel distributors) - Though if you get more than 95 litres you have to fill in an HMRC form in They don't even dip wagon tanks anymore as a lot of hauliers have had fuel tanks fitted with split compartments with white in the normal filler cap bit and red in a secret filler. HMRC now actually disconnect the feed at the injection pump up here to see what you are really running on. As for fines it's £500 for the tankfull and an extra £500 it you own up to filling it up with probable seizure after a day in front of the judge. The usual way of taking the marker out of fuel is to use Sulphuric Acid as a washing agent - this is rife in Ireland (where Red (coloured green there) diesel is big business - it's like the prohibition days in Chicago in Eire ! Even some garages in Eire sell this garbage as white (unknown to them) and the Guardai (Eire Police) regularly find hundreds of 45 gallon drums of Sulphuric acid sludge left in laybys on the back of an old trailer, which they have to incinerate at the tax payers expense.
  12. Fuel theft is quite common in Yorkshire Some filling stations here will only turn the pump on you if you pay for say 20 pounds at the till first (a lot in the Bradford/Leeds area) Theres been a lot of tank stabbing too (simply ramming a big nail or drilling the tank with a battery drill) Some run illegally on red diesel / gas oil (this is coloured red as it's meant for heating - farm / non road vehicles only - and is roughly half the price of regular "white diesel"), though there are far more roadside checks done by police/customs here - people were getting stopped around by us only last week. The other big thing are vans being robbed of cataylitic converters by simlply cutting them off with a hacksaw and being weighed in at a scrap merchants
  13. Nice write up about these hideous things http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/fashion-blog/2012/nov/06/ugg-boots-over-fashion Hope they die out completely
  14. He'd 3 different styles too up, but I couldnt see the Laboutain stamp on them underneath
  15. Decent write up in The Guardian here with some nice comments too ... http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2012/oct/26/white-stilettos-let-heeling-begin I never considered them trashy, perhaps its a British middle class snobbery thing ?
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