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  1. Daz, what incredible boots! I love the metal heel, it looks so dangerous and daring and impossibly thin. Impeccable taste I'm thinking about getting myself a pair of (cheapie) boots with a lower metal heel...You just gave me motivation to splurge
  2. Scotty: Yeah, I checked out Statuesque earlier today. I'd almost rather wait to see if Zappos can get it in for me, because (even though 90% of their styles are sometimes considered "somewhat ugly" by those on this board) Zappos stocks them for a lower price AND with free shipping. (I'm poor.) Thanks all the same though--I reallly would be in love with this style if it were in my size, so it's good to see SOMEONE has it.
  3. So now that my little Moda Spana adventure flopped (see my post over in the "Pictures of your Favorite Shoes" section) I have my eyes on other high heels--namely these lovely stilleto-y steel tipped boots. YUM! However, I've got a pretty pressing question. I prefer leather to any other material for shoes. This is a personal preference, because I sweat like no woman should, and I like a material that just breathes a little bit. Even patent leather with its thick coating of finish, seems to "breathe" a little better than plastic for me. Lots of places online sell shoes in "patent." Some of them even refer to them as "patent leather." Is this really leather (in general) or is this usually just a coated polyurethane? I wouldn't mind having those steel-tipped boots even if they were polyurethane, since you can wear socks with those to wick off some moisture and no one will notice or care. But pumps would be an entirely different issue. I'd hate to be swimming in a pool of plastic-sweat by the end of the day. Or, perhaps, can anyone recommend a good resource for leather high heels in large women's sizes? (I take a US 12 in most cases, and in pointy-toed styles I'd probably even want a 13.) There's lots of cheapies out there for under $40 USD that are obviously plastic. I'd much prefer a nice leathery shop...
  4. These lovely, lovely shoes came yesterday but after a little while of wearing them on the carpet I soon realized that they were too small. Boohoo! It's too bad Zappos doesn't have the color I want in my size Additionally, and this is just a minor cosmetic issue---the sole under the ball of the foot is covered in a very light cream-colored material, and after just a few walks up and down the hall it had flaked off in a few places to reveal black underneath. EEK! I was so worried I wouldn't be able to return them! But I talked to a very nice Zappos representative on the phone who informed me it would be fine to return the shoes. Phew! I wouldn't have minded the discoloration if they had fit, because I've had leather soles "scuff" on the bottom plenty of times before and it's really just a cosmetic thing, but I was terrified for a moment. Anyway, I'm gonna keep looking. I have it all setup so Zappos will automatically email me when they get the Moda Spana Verna in, in size 12, in black kid leather. They really were gorgeous and comfy, but the 11 was too small. I've seen a few websites that may or may not stock these in my size. I'll have to check 'em out.
  5. In four-inch heels, I was able to touch my toes without bending my knees. If you added another inch I'd probably fall over dead though. Or at least just fall over. But I'm young yet, anyway.
  6. Wow, FireFox, thank you for the fantastic input! You really have an eye for this! How cool! Yes, I'm not exactly 100% skinny, but I'm not at all overweight--just a tad on the stocky/muscular side. So a thicker-yet-graceful heel wouldn't be at all overwhelming. And I agree--the second view is tilted so much that the heel looks like it's gotta be only 1.5 inches or so. (That's why I posted a much bigger, and more flattering, side profile--it looks much better that way.) I do have a lot of greys and blues, because blacks tend to look too stark against my pale skin. My favorite little ensemble is a knee-length deep charcoal grey skirt and a blazer that matches--except it has ivory pinstripes. I'll wear an ivory button-down underneath it, and probably sheer hose in a deeper hue--like a translucent soft grey. The reason I like these shoes is because they have all the airconditioning of sandals, but you can still wear hose with them and dress them up. Zappos tells me they'll be here tomorrow! Can you believe it? Thanks everybody once again!
  7. Azraelle: They make me feel fabulous about myself! Not many girls at my campus clik-clik-clik around in high heels like this, so I like baring my freshly-painted-and-manicured toenails in elegance. You can hear me a mile away and you can see the change in my walk. I love it! nhoj: I'm actually thrilled that people don't like them--it means that I'm getting noticed and that's great. If someone's so unhappy with themselves that they gotta make themselves feel better by insulting somebody's SHOES, fer God's sake, then I don't feel like I have to listen to their opinion (Of course, I can recount it to others for the sake of amusement.) Anne Louise: I am quite young--22--but I've been in choirs for 10 years of my life. For me and my big feet, I don't feel like a 5" heel would be that much of a "step up." These 4" ones look fabulous, but I think if I had a bit more lift, the angle of my ankle would "settle" differently and feel a tiny bit less awkward than these do sometimes. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get my hands on a digital camera.
  8. Thanks so much for everybody's input. I was afraid they wouldn't qualify as a "high heel" but it looks like there's a lot of agreement that these are a decent, practical pair of shoesies. I am thoroughly in love with 3" heels. They don't put enough pressure on the ball of your foot for you to really even feel it, and you can put the whole weight of your foot down in a natural stride. (I'm beginning to be able to do that in my 4-inchers, but it's taking some work and the heel doesn't feel nearly as stable.) Looks like Tesa's ordering a new pair of shoes They'll be my graduation pressie--to myself!
  9. I've had a few comments, some good, some bad. Most of my friends all think they're awesome, but look with some contempt upon my ever-growing shoe collection. Especially my poor roommate The clik-clik-clik noise turns some heads. I got a few dirty looks from some of the older members of the choir group and one older man asked me "Do you really need to be taller, young lady? Your feet will hurt so badly you'll never be able to wear those again." (I was still taller than him with my shoes off--being 5'10" ain't that bad--so the poor guy was probably just jealous!) They are wobbly, though. I'm worried I'm going to permanently bend them or break them. They are a black strappy sandal with a 4" stiletto, and they are fabulous. I originally thought I was going to return them because I didn't think the arch was shaped right for my particular foot shape, but my feet have adapted and so has the footbed of the sandal. But I decided I loved them too much!
  10. Originally this post was a mistake. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about the smashing success about the sandals I thought I'd return. I decided I loved them. I've gotten tons of comments about them. I spent an hour standing on the risers in my choral group when we did our final concert of the year. It was Haydn's Missa st. Bernardi Von Offida (Also known as the Heilig Mass.) By the time I'd reached the Credo I was ready for the shoes to come off, but I toughed it out! Anyway, they're super sexy and tons of fun, and I'm getting better at negotiating the wobbly stiletto heel. I'll take pictures as soon as I can!
  11. I'm pretty sure this will mark my 25th post! Yay! I'm out of those horrible loafery-boots and into some cowboy boots. Yeehaw! My favorite "flats" are a pair of Frye Harness boots, so I'll like my new shoe avatar. Looks like I've been pretty prolific in the short time I've been here. You guys are great, and I really like it here, so I think I'll stick around.
  12. Name: Theresa Age: 22 Gender: Female Location: Eastern USA Occupation: For now, PC Technician. After graduation, who knows. Height: 5'10" Weight: 170lb, ish Shoe size: US women's 11/12, euro 42-43ish, UK 9-10 What's your favourite heel style: A slim post or a blade. I'm still a little wobbly on stillettos. What's your favourite shoe style: Any boot. Do you wear your heels outside: Yes! What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 3" is easiest to walk in. ( Your highest heel height: 4.5" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: every other day or so ( Your highest heel height: maybe once a week Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: bare feet with most of them, I don't really like hose.
  13. My hair is shorter now, but I haven't gained or lost weight, so there's me. As you can see I'm not really overweight but I'm pretty muscular. (Those are horrible Payless sandals I'm wearing.) This pic was from about a year and a half ago, a big Christmas dinner I attended at my college. I am 5'10", and I am so long-legged that it's nearly awkward With the Moda Spana "Verna" model up there I'd plan on wearing lots of business-y suits, pinstripes, dress slacks, knee-length skirts, etc. I have narrow feet and high arches. And yes, I am a natural redhead. So there's me.
  14. What do you think of these Moda Spanas? They're one of the highest heels offered at a reasonable price on Zappos in my size (women's 11/12)--sure, the heel's only 3 inches, but the price is decent enough and I need something dressy for my after-college adventures, something I can walk around to interviews in. A three-inch post-style heel like that seems to be a very practical way to get a little lift and still be able to walk some serious distance. Here's another view: I used to wear heels a lot more (primarily 4" or 5" with .5" or 1" platforms at the front) and I'm just now getting back into it after a bunion scare. I was a little worried that I'd end up snapping the ankle strap since it seems pretty small and dinky, but in an alternate view of the shoe, it seems that there's a little leather loop on the back of the heel so you can take the thing out and put in something else. Maybe a ribbon or laces...Hmm. I think these fit the bill, but sometimes I have zero fashion sense. Thoughts?
  15. Shyguy--I know a girl who bought the "bog shoes" featured in Heelfan's post (the little ghillie-laced thing with the ankle ties that looks like it's cutting off the wearer's circulation--yeah, that one.) I don't mean to be defamatory about this person, but let's just say fashion in not important to her at all. She's the kind of person who forgets to bathe or comb her hair. I've also seen some very "granola" types selling artsy things at local street fairs. I'll often see one or two in those crazy camel-suede moccasin boot...things. As for Lucy's post, I do know some elderly people, and people with health concerns, who do wear things like that because they can find nothing else that will fit without hurting. My poor mother, in particular, is only in her early fifties and is in very good health, but she is a diabetic and has always had troublesome feet. Until she gets bunion surgery, the only shoes she can comfortably wear are her New Balances. (She thought about getting some of the Safeet ones--with the terrible strap--in Lucy's post, but thought they were just too hideous!)
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