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  1. I know everybody here hates crocs. But I bought my first pair of black crocs and they are great. Finally a clog that men and women can both wear, even if they are ugly. Men are finally realizing that shoes don't have to be so boring. Come on give them a try before killing them. You all want equality and this is big start!!!
  2. Today, I saw a man wearing bright orange clogs from crocs. I know most of you hate these shoes, but it is still a step in the right direction that these come in men's sizes and men are actually wearing them.
  3. While I agree that those shoes are not the best looking shoes, the good thing is that even the most feminine of colors(pink and purple)come in both womens and mens sizes. I think that is a big step in the right direction!!
  4. I was around 10 years old when I first started looking at girls shoes. I remember a cute blonde girl with black t strap shoes that I couldn't keep my eyes off.
  5. docs41, I couldn't have said it better myself. WSL
  6. I start at the bottom and work my way up. I always look at their shoes first!
  7. They have mesh fronts to them, and are usually black, eventhough they now have them in colors as well.
  8. FFKK, I see those awful shoes all over, even young girls like wearing them. Those shoes have got to be hurting the shoe industry since they are so cheap!
  9. Welcome aboard sexysandals! Those are great looking sandals, can't wait to see the pictures of them on your feet after you get them. WSL
  10. Has anybody ever used a Halloween costume party as an excuse to go into a womens shoe store and try on shoes that you say you want to wear to a costume party? If yes, how did it go?
  11. I went to the Ninewest web site to see what was new and exciting in the shoe world and on the left side of the front page of the web site there is headline "Menswear detailing". Apparently mens styles are popular for all womens shoe retaliers. Interesting!
  12. Sicr, Those pumps look great on you. Keep those pictures coming. Thanks, WSL
  13. Great looking pumps, quite a bit different from the other shoes.
  14. I just heard a commercial for Parade of Shoes which tries to get women to buy shoes based on mens styles that have been copied to womens shoes. They have a mans shirt talking to a women,saying why only wear mens shirts when you can also wear mens shoe styles at Parade of Shoes. If only it was the other way around! Just think mens pumps, strappy sandals and mules. Maybe someday.
  15. Those red pumps are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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