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  1. I also think these are good for going out in: Those are CUTE! Do they make much noise? I like my street heels to be fairly quiet.
  2. I agree -- and in fact, lately, I've been wearing womens' trouser socks in place of regular socks even when I'm not heeling. I just LOVE the feel, and can't help but miss it when I'm not wearing them. Even in my sneakers. :-)
  3. I've always been curious as to whether there might be some measure of genetic interference with my being compelled to wear heels. Investigating this question has led me to the firm conclusion that -- no, my Dad doesn't wear heels, or if he does, he's wearing my mother's, or hiding them really well. I suppose I could just ask him -- anyone gone this far to find out? :-)
  4. I particularly like this combination here -- very classy!
  5. Agreed -- I've just started noticing this myself, and am pleased as punch -- I get twice the selection to choose from without having to go across the store! :-)
  6. Awesome! I always love hearing stories like these! You must be doing something right. :-) Good luck! -Nate
  7. Glad you came out of the woodwork -- but, don't feel too bad about not being able to go out in heels as much as you want. I'm in a very similar situation as you. I live in a small farming community, and wouldn't DARE go outside in a pair of pumps with stiletto heels. (Actually, I've yet to have the courage to wear stilettos anywhere outside, just yet). I guess we'll just have to pick our battles. The last thing I'd want to do is to generate anger and resentment, despite the fact that those things always precede acceptance. -Nate
  8. Certainly! :-) Personally, I don't go to great lengths to keep my shoes in the greatest of shape, for a couple of reasons. Ever since I came to terms with wearing high heels (only very recently -- used to only want to watch, but am now actively participating. :-) ), my taste has been evolving and changing very rapidly. What I think is cute, and what I'm comfortable wearing in public has been changing from week to week. Additionally, since this is still a somewhat new sensation for me, I've been buying new shoes at a fairly rapid pace -- at least one or two pairs a week. As I'm a starvi
  9. JeffB -- I also enjoy the sound of heels, but I've yet to develop the psychological armour to be the one wearing noisy ones. So, while I still prefer stealth heels so that I don't get too much attention when out in public, I'm very grateful to have people who don't mind drawing all the attention. By wearing heels and other stereotypically feminine clothing with such great style and confidence, you're doing us all a favor. Click and clack away!
  10. Well then, I believe the solution is obvious! You're goign to have to go out and buy some 5" heels to wear, so that YOU're taller than HER! Then she'll have to go out and get some heels to make up the difference! Good luck!
  11. I'm not terribly enthralled with the cowboy boots in my new avatar, but it feels good that I've participated enough to be "promoted.". Thanks for putting up with me! :-)
  12. Nice! While I feel somewhat validated in that its MY turn to say, those aren't particularly my style, but suit you well! I especially like the somewhat rugged look that it conveys, despite having a moderately high heel and platform. You have my respect for furthering our cause! :-) -Nate
  13. Nate

    New Boots/shoes

    Wow! Those are some nice boots! Congratulations! :-) I wouldn't mind having a pair of those myself! -Nate
  14. I finally managed to snap some pics off of my boots -- I'm not the best photographer in the world, but I wanted to share. People seem to enjoy pics. :-) Here are the boots that I bought the first time I ever ever tried on the shoes and bought them myself in the store. One thing I can say, is that these things are LOUD! I should have taken them for a test-run around the store, to try them out on harder surfaces. If they weren't so loud, I might just have to wear them out and about. :-)
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