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  1. I see another fan of Gianmarco Lorenzi. Nice.
  2. I love those. They are Di Marni, aren't they?
  3. Are you able to walk in mules while wearing nylons? I realized it's quite difficult task.
  4. thank you for this advice

  5. I prefer pumps version over boots but they are indeed gorgeous. Do you know pumps' name?
  6. Is that you in this picture? I have to say it's very nice outfit. Congratulations!
  7. Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti, probably.
  8. Very nice heels and legs of course May I know heels model name?
  9. GML


    Why don't you post their picture They must look awesome.
  10. I loved those boots from the first time I've seen them in Elite-Heels store, especially in purple. What a pity they are not yet affordable for me. Maybe in future. Hope this would be near future
  11. Allure and those painted toes are amazing. Nice feet also.
  12. I don't like her walking style. Sth is wrong here. Oh my goddess. She's so hot in them. Does anybody recognize these marvelous pumps?
  13. So what was the height of these? They are gorgeous, your wife also but concentrate on next photos please
  14. They look like from Gianmarco Lorenzi but not sure.
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