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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for the encouraging comments... olderdude, I do not believe it is the heel wearing that is a sin, and you're quite right that society tells us it is a sin with male heel wearing. However, in my particular case, it is what came of wearing heels, and the sexual desire that came out of it that is sinful... Removing the heels is easy. Removing the desire is that hard part which is why I need to remain strong in my relationship with God (a hard thing in itself), and also why I need to disassociate myself heel related things. It's difficult but I refuse to take the easy road out..
  2. The time has come for me to say goodbye... I am hanging up my heels and leaving them behind... they are no longer a part of my life. At the end of a good summer I felt challenged by God to let go of the things holding me back. Heels were a part of my life that resulted in no good and they were a barrier between me in God (in the form of sexual sin... I'll leave the rest for you to work out!). As such I took the opportunity to get rid of all of my heels (about 9 pairs if I recall correctly) and put them in a charity donations clothes bin type thing... no doubt they've probably put in some char
  3. plagiarisationalists or if you want a real word: plagiarists
  4. Ah, yes, I can see why. I get sick of the same thing from my friends all the time. *sigh* SH
  5. cat (pummelling is what they do when they want to sit on your lap - pummel your groinal area for 5-10 minutes then sit down, and readjust themselves for the next 5 minutes, then fall asleep just as you want to get up) SH
  6. I'm sure we could shut their servers down without using mass emailing... But that's another story Not that I'd really want to do that to a normally reputable shoe maker.... SH
  7. Keep at it Julie The more people that stand up to such intolerant crap like this the better. I agree with you all the way on this one! Do let us know the results (if they have a brain cell between them with which to reply!) SH
  8. I think they should label airbags as "Windbags" instead. Far more amusing. SH
  9. I may be missing something... but what's the obvious comment? Could we see it? Kittens are so cute... SH
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