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  1. Many years ago I was at a show at my son's grade school. Kids that were to act later in the night were on the floor in front of the stage. We were on the front row behind them. One girl was wearing a fuzzy house coat and slippers as part of her act. Within the slippers I could catch a glimpse of something my brain found hard to accept. Beautiful black heels. When she was on stage she did a little dance. Half way thru the dance she took off the robe and kicked off the slippers. I guess the parents went out and bought her black heels. The girl was 6th grade at the most. Nice kidd leather heels You can guess she must have practiced around the house to dance that well wearing them.  Sometimes you must believe your eyes.

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  2. On the inside they say NWPITHON. Most lace ups are a pain to get on but these just slip on wonderful. I wish the heel shape and height were a bit different but the points make up for it. The heel could be a golf ball on a rusty nail as long as the points are pretty. Very comfy. My wife knows my heel wearing but I no longer do it in front of her. She leaves for work an hour before I do so so that's my heel time. At night I can sit at my desk and she won't know I'm in heels un less I stand up. She loves me no matter my shoes of choice.

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  3. I got some Nine West lace up booties with NO zipper on the side. Beautiful points! With a pump or some sandals you can just kick them off but in a lace up bootie you and the heel become as one. Love it!

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  4. I was at the deli counter after work buying some lunch meat for the Mrs.  Next to me was a woman in black slacks with black kidd leather heels. And then the final touch: dark brown shear hose. I never see that anymore unless I do it. I really wanted to tell her how cool it was but a word from a stranger is often received poorly.  Someday I want to ask a woman in beautiful black heels (and I'm pickier than any woman) if she knows they are drop-dead gorgeous.

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  5. Just put on my Aldo silver heels. I haven't measured the heel height but when I wrap my hand around the heel there is still sticking out. The points look like chrome metal. Color # 81. If you find any Aldos in this silver color you will love them. A lower strap like a mary jane then the upper straps that go around the ankle. I really wanted the plain pumps but waited too late to buy some.

  6. With my wife 20 miles away and me lounging in bed I reached for my converted-to-mary jane four inch heels. The light from the bathroom window causes a nice white line of light on the smooth black kid leather. The words LOVE HEELS keep coming to mind. They are nice but the quality of leather 55 years ago and the shape of the heel at the top was nicer then. Alas, I can't fit in my vintage heels any more. When light hits the petite strap and the little gold buckle I know I own something that is the ultimate of beauty and its on me. I've worn heels on three different Walk A Mile in Her Shoes but they were my 3 inch mary janes. Just hate what concrete does to my tips. Spike heels have been in for 61 years so lets keep them going.


  7. I see many women wearing beautiful black heels with those perfect pointed toes and the black is worn off the tips. A few touches of a black permanent magic marker or a sharpie will bring them back to like new. Love those points!

  8. Did it 3 times. Great to sit there afterwards and eat in heels. I walked into a restaurant and the door greeter (guy) said :"I wanted to do it but had to work." The waitress said:"Those are SO cute! Where did you get them?" But the most fun was when a little girl said:"Mommy, he is wearing girl shoes." Carry a lip Vaseline tube with you to put on blisters.

  9. The episodes )Perry Mason) were filmed in the golden years 1957-1966. Modern wonderful years. In 60 years spike heels were only "out" for about 12 of those years. I remember in 1980 when I saw the first woman wearing pointed toe shoes for the second time around. . The hideous 70s were finally over. She came off an escalator with a look of confidence in her appearance. Not arrogance just happy. I stopped her right then and asked her where she got the shoes. I took my first wife to that store but she didn't like them. Of the '70s I had enuf of funky, chunky, clunky, ugly for a lifetime.  I remember that some famous actresses continued to wear real heels during the chunky years because they refused to wear ugly.

  10. I was watching a Perry Mason episode recently and a woman is standing on a foot bridge. Long thick dark hair, dress and the traditional black leather pumps. There is a bright spot on the leather where the sun shines on the smooth surface. The quality of these shoes surpasses anything you can buy today. Perfect point, thin sole, nice leather and no toe cleavage. Sweet little spike heel. At the beginning of the Crafty Kidnapper episode is a woman on heels so thin they are almost invisible. The fashions, the cars, the buildings are all perfect. Take me back!

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  11. When you first try heels many are afraid to put their weight back on the heel. You have to learn to trust the heel to hold you. Sometimes I walk heel to toe and sometimes strut where the entire shoe hits at the same time.

    DSW had some white leather ankle boots I had to have. My wife wore them to Thanksgiving dinner. That night she said:"I'd wear them more if they were black." In less than 24 hours we had them and black and they were marked down!

  12. Just got my 4" silver pumps yesterday. Keep them right next to my black kidd leather pumps I converted to mary janes. Spike heels, one of the few man made items that was styled to an ultimate end. I love those points. The heel could be a golf ball on a rusty nail with a perfect point and I'd like it.

  13. When I was a child I noticed that girls and boys could wear saddle shoes. My mom never bought me some. I was at a friend's house and we were going to the park to play. I must have been wearing nice shoes so his mother had me put on his saddles. I could not take my eyes off my feet. A few years later it was burgundy loafers. Men or womens. I lusted for them but had a very narrow foot. Had the salesman had any sense he would have put women's on me. (more narrow) Finally I got some and loved them to they were worn out. . We love our pretties!

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  14. Find the closest Walk A Mile In Her Shoes charity walk and join in. Keep some Vaseline with you to put on your toes to avoid blisters. On the first one I signed up but it didn't start for 2 hours so we went to a restaurant. I walked in in my mary janes. The kid that opened the door said:"I wanted to do that but had to work" Our waitress said:"Those are SO cute, where did you get them!" But the best fun was a little girl about 6 who while looking at me said:"Mommy, he is wearing girl shoes." I wanted to say Darn right!

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  15. My wife and I went to Macy's to buy that stuff she smears on her face. I go over to the shoe dept. I'm always glad to see they they have some classics there with nice points and a spike heel that isn't too far back and not tapered. They are made by Nine West and usually come in 3" and 4". heights. Give me a classic any day. They have a beautiful pair in chrome silver but they were size 11, darn it. No way I would get away with trying to buy them there. I've been told internet only. Got a pair in silver on the way now!

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  16. Today I'm shopping at Dress Barn with my wife. A sales woman is wearing the boots they sell (called Angela) and I tell her how nice they look and she tells me:"They are very comfortable." I wanted to say:"YES, I know!" I wore mine for 6 hours last weekend. About a 3 inch heel. Pointed toe. They are vinyl but still nice. They are starting to put them on sale and they do come in wide. Says Angela on the box. Wonderful low priced heels. Zipper up the side and expandable calf.

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  17. I seem to be an extremist as I have a few women's orthos too. We went to a national park where there is a lot of rock climbing and enjoyed wearing women's orthopedic shoes and no one noticed. I have another pair that instantly improve my posture when I lace them on. I did make a mistake lately. The beautiful gold heels I bought were size 9 which I wear but a 10 in women's so now I can't wear them. My wife tried them on for 2 minutes. She doesn't like heels any more so I have to wear the heels in the family. At the risk of repeating myself: when I slip on my mary jane heels and strap in the magic begins. The best part about a high up strap on mary janes or spike heel boots is the shoe becomes a part of you because you can't just pop it off like a pump.

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  18. I'm back after a long departure due to password problems. The other day my wife told me:"I love you with no concern to what shoes you are wearing." Needless to say I have doubled down on my wearing. I bought some boots at Dress Barn that I can wear for easily 6-7 hours. My trusty 3 inch mary janes I call my bedroom slippers thats because I can go fast in them. I don't care anything about "heel wars" bragging about how a guy can wear. I did take my 4&1/2" ers for a test drive a while back and something went ker-pop in my ankle. It still hurts every day. I participated in Walk A Mile in Her Shoes to begin doing it out of the bedroom. I highly recommend it. Thousands of guys have done it. Wear quality shoes that fit, not the loaners. If I had a dollar for every pair of heels I've bought I could buy many more!

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