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  1. How are ya? Just wanted to talk boots and heel talk. Talk to you soon.

  2. Thanks for the friendship request. I haven't been logged on in weeks, never enough time.

  3. I really love those pumps with rounded toe, good choice, look great
  4. I recently purchased two pair. I posted pics in the "who's bought new shoes" post
  5. Ok, here are my two lastest purchases, Yay! This is my first post with attached pics, so hope it works. Your basic Black 5 inch pumps and Black 5 inch open toe with a chrome heel. Opinions please. I ordered them online and didn't know that the heel was chromed, and I kinda wish the heel was black and I'm considering a paint job. Next post will be " how do I repaint my heel?"
  6. Hey, good for you. Sounds like you had a blast. I've always had fun doing likewise. BTW, whats carnival entail? Once a year? Now we need some pics, we're all very visual here !!
  7. I think the black knee boots in your pics are made by Plaeaser(?) but the ones in my avatar are made by Aldo (Endumenia).

  8. Good subject. If you think about it, every member here is looking for acceptance whether they publicly heel, still hide it or are in between like me. I know I feel somehow better since joining hhplace, knowing that my deep, unending enjoyment of wearing "women's" high heeled shoes and boots is shared by others. It does feel good to not be alone. And anyone that thinks this love of heels by men means we must be gay or have a screw loose is just ignorant and their opinion doesn't matter. I totally agree that we should just be ourselves and wear what we want. If you don't act like yourself, who are you, a clone, a follower, a product of how you view society? I know that I don't need everyones approval, but it is nice to come here with like minded individuals and not be judged by what I have on my feet(5 inch black pumps), or that my legs are shaved, or that my toe nails are painted(blue)
  9. Thanks for the nice comment. Ditto on your avatar, same boots?

  10. Dblair, good for you, well done. Honesty does pay off occasionally, I am so envious. Tell your gf how we all liked hearing of her open minded, adventurous nature. Now we'll need pics of you both of course.
  11. Thanks for the nice comments !

  12. HI and thanks for the positive comments, I'm very happy with all my heels, and I have a long wish list for more.

  13. Love the brown boots under jeans , they look so delicious ,even the black. the white sandals and the black patant mules are so gorgeous , getting a lil´bit jeleaous

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