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  1. I noticed a lot of photos of boots posted here so I thought I would do the same.This was a particularly cold day so I was grateful of my boots.
  2. Trolldeg They look very similar and just as well worn as mine
  3. Trolldeg They are from TLSB size 8 with 5" heel.
  4. They are gorgeous Anna,I love knee boots please can we see more xx BM
  5. After my 6" heels these 5" feel really low.
  6. Hi Beck The boots from Skyscrapers do have metal tips and I am extremely happy with the quality having always bought from TLSB they more than match their quality. As for advice on my image, point taken about the mask but on my new website I will be unmasked.
  7. So are you boot fetishist or just love all high heels. BTW I dont walk in my 6" heel boots very often... they are not meant for walking in.
  8. I dont Trolldeg but I would take Becky`s advice and call them to check sizes.
  9. Thanx Ionic always flattered and pleased to have another fan. Having some trouble with the computer software but I will get there, and yes I can walk in the 6" heels.
  10. Hi all Trolldeg:Skyscrapers are excellent to do business with they constantly kept me up to date with my order and are very friendly.Would recommend them anyday. Becky:The pic I use for my Avatar is indeed the Gabrielle boot from Leatherworks and one of my favourites which I will buy soon.I have got to get a new pair of thigh boots first as mine are getting a bit worn.
  11. Love your boots Anna Hope you like this
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