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  1. That would be awesome! .but just when I´m not married anymore... maybe someday! Nice experiences guys! To me, one of the best feelings is when a woman notes that you´re using high heels... NY and London certainly are places that I want to go...
  2. Hey guys! I´m a feminine shoe lover since my early teens, I say "feminine shoe" because I love feminine shoes, with or without heels. To keep it short, I used feminine shoes since I was 13 years old (now I have 32) until last year when I got married, I told my partner about my fetish and she hated, so I had to "forget" about using it again (she forced to sell all my heels and flats) but I still dream about using it again! So, about my question, what places in the world do you think people are most tolerant about guys using heels? could be countries, cities... Where I live, Rio de Janeiro, is kinda ok to use it in public, it really depends of the neighborhood. On poorer neighborhoods, the reaction is not very good in general... you just have to know the place you´re going. Unfortunately, I have never used heels outside Brazil, but I have plans to make a trip sometime...I would like to go to places that are more "friendly" but I have my guesses... maybe Buenos Aires, Argentina? New York City? Los Angeles? Spain? London? tell me what do you think and your experiences!
  3. Wow, I'm jealous! that's something I still can't do after of more than 15 years wearing heels in public... I would love to look at everyone in the eyes, but I'm super shy when I'm with heels in public... most of the time I walk with my head down, looking to the ground... That's something I need to improve...
  4. Hi Ivan, Strappy high heel sandals are my favorite, too. I have 16 pairs. All are strappy and very sexy. Would like to see some pics of yours. Take care.

  5. I would say that irregular sidewalks pisses me off... lol
  6. Hey fellow heel lovers I'm a straight guy that wear high heels since I was 14 (I'm 30 now). And I always dress like a guy, but with heels (t-shirt, jeans and 4" strappy sandals is my favorite combo) But at least here in Brazil, everyone will always associate this to a sexual orientation... nobody will never accept that a straight guy can wear heels. (I have absolutely nothing against gays, I have gay friends) but this bothers me a little what bothers you most?
  7. Well, let me talk some about my story. I'm a straight guy, and when I was 13, 14... I started to look to women shoes, what they wear...etc, and I fell in love to a feminine shoe called "Melissa", it's a transparent, jelly shoe. (no heels) Well, I didn't know what happened to me, but I was obsessed to this jelly shoe, and bought one and started wearing it. Here's a pic of it: (this is a new "version", the one I used back in 1994 was similar) http://lemousse.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/melissa-aranha-possession.jpg Well, people started paying atention on the streets... I felt really good wearing it... it as a 100% girls shoe... But, I wanted more than that... What did I do? I bought a "Melissa" with a mid-sized heel... it was a model very similar to the one I was using it, but with a mid-sized heel... Well, I started to use more and more feminine shoes, not only Melissas, but normal feminine high-heeled shoes... But I had always to hide that from my parents... What I feel about using it? well, it's absolutely not a fashion thing... I just like to shock people, specially women! because I wear normal guy clothes, like a t-shit, jeans... and... a high-heel sandal! that shocks people... and I feel great about this... But it's not only about shocking people... I jst feel really good about using a 100% feminine shoe/sandal, not only high-heels... but of course, I really enjoy high-heels the most... What I like most? I'm not a big fan of boots... I really like open-shoe high-heel sandals hope you understand me... Thanks!
  8. Hey folks! I'm from Brazil and I'm 30 years old, I use high heels since I was 13... And I think my reasons are diferent from you... well, to me is like a fetish, and what about you?
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