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  1. Jms, You are absolutely right.. The time I spend in managing the site was way to little to keep everything running as smooth as it should be.. I'm simply at a stage in my life where running and maintaining the board simply wasn't one of my #1 priorities anymore. Knowing that a lot of people would be very disapointed if the board ever disapeared though it never came to my mind to simply dump it.. So, I was actually thinking for a while now to look for a good admin to take over and suddenly there was Richie offering to host the hhplace forums on his system (for me a gift from heaven.. ).. Since I know Rich from some meets in the past I immediately decided to hand everything over to him, knowing that this is simply the best for the hh-community. I'm very confident that Richie will do his best to maintain these forums for a long time to go... More than I ever could do.. I would have informed you all of this transition before it happened if it where not for the fact that suddenly we were out of diskspace on the old hostingserver and the board had to be shutdown earlier than planned. I'm very sorry for that. From here I like to put out a big thank you to Richie for taking over and keeping this wonderfull community of people on the net a live and kikking (with their heels..).. Thanks Richie!
  2. Hi guys 'n gals, I'm sorry to say that restoring the deleted records is not going to happen.. Seems the backup of the user table is not quite usable.. (Somehow this often is the case with backups, when you need them the most, they let you down. ) Anyway, I hope not too many of the regular posters where removed and lost the links to their posts. Sorry for the inconvenience.. Jeff
  3. OMG what have I done... :-( I got a bit to eager cleaing up spam and simply used a wrong query.. I'll try and restore as many of you as I can tonight, so don't make to many new post if you re-signed up because the links between these post and your name will be lost. Again I'm very sorry this happened. You have the spammers (and clumsy me being in a rush) to blaim. Jeff
  4. I don't know what you mean.. I can open up as many browser windows to the site/forum and browse a lot of different topics at the same time. We didn't do anything to make that impossible.
  5. Mickey68 (and other ranters :-)), I read most of the messages you write here in the Rant forum, and I sure as hell know that hosting of the board s*cks right now. And it's your good right to rant all about it here, that's why it's for ofcourse. But from some of the rants I get the idea that you just don't know why we are in the situation as it is now. Not that this would help very much, but it's always nice to know the complete picture I think. So if you browse a little bit back to another message of mine in this very same topic, you'll see why the situation is as it is. We are with this new isp for about 5 months now and a conclusion that it's not a very reliable one is becoming quite evident. So it's very likely that we'll switch isp's before the contract with this one ends in may next year. The moments this switch will be made will be choosen by me and very much depends on the free time I have on my hands and some other circumstances.
  6. Whether it is legal or not doesn't matter. Whereas moviestars and other celebreties make a distinct choice to be out in the public everytime they hit the streets, you're average jane-or-john-doe does not. And making pictures on the street of people is one thing, publishing them throught whatever medium you can think of is something completely different. If people go for a walk down-town, they don't expect to be up on the internet the next day. While some maybe don't care, others will, and imho we should respect that. I for one make the assumption that most people wouldn't like to have their pictures published without their knowledge and thus think you should have peoples permission before publishing their pics with them recognizable.
  7. When posting pictures from the streets without people knowing about it, please respect peoples privacy and make faces unrecognizable before posting the pictures here or they will be removed. Jeff.
  8. Don't ask me why but every now and then the webserver stops serving pages while the rest of the server is runnning Ok. I'll be looking into this.. Normally I notice this within a couple of hours and I fix it but now I was out and had no Internet access, so it took a little longer. The site is now being hosted from a virtual server which gives me (almost) full control (as opposed to only ftp/http with normal webhosting). But since hosting through these virtual machines is rather new (as is the ISP who provides it to me), it is not unlikely that there are some problems here and there. Main reason why I decided to try this virtual server concept is that we lost precious data with our previous ISP (who btw. was elected Best ISP in the Netherlands by some computer magazine!) because they didn't seem to understand how backups work. Now with this virtual server I have (almost) full control of the server the site is hosted on, that includes making backups etc. Whether or not this was the right choice... Only time will tell.
  9. I don't know why the faq was gone.. But it's back again. Thanks for the tip. Log in to the old account and write me a PM from there. I'll delete the account only when I receive the PM from the to-be-deleted account. As for the session timeout. Session time is 2 hours. If you need longer to write your message, you could copy-paste the msg-text or write the message in an offline editor and paste it in the forum editor when it's ready. Making the sessiontimeouts even longer is not really an option.
  10. Basically the sponsorship of Silhouette covers all costs for the site at the moment.. The site is currently hosted on a so-called virtual server. Meaning I have a complete virtual (like e.g. VmWare) linuxbox at my disposal where I have commandline access and can take care of my own backups etc. Ofcourse one thing I can't control is the physical server the virtual box runs on... If it crashes (like last week happened), my hands are tied. The virtual server is now set up for hosting the site and I still have to take care of some settings to do automated backups to my home server and such as well as setting up e-mail stuff so the board-sw can send e-mails again. I'm all working on that, but since I also have a life next to this site it won''t happen all over night... :-)
  11. The ISP where our site is hosted had filesystem troubles which corrupted several database tables. They moved the database to another server and all should be Ok now. As you already noticed, there was some dataloss because they had to put back backups of the day before. This al happened on saterday an sunday afaik, so messages posted (or users regsitered) in the weekend might be lost. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's not much I can do about it. They where actually very fast in solving the problems after I allerted them.
  12. No difference there... I read all comments and whenever they seem usefull I'll use them to the better. I'm not an allmighty know-it-all administrator.
  13. Although it's well possible the person(s) who hacked the site used this same vulnerability, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Santy worm. The symptoms were al different from the ones known from the worm. Anyway's, we are up and running again and that's what is important. :-)
  14. The site got hacked (defaced) by some moron hacking crew.. Don't know they did it. I think the securety problem is at the ISP who hosts this site, they don't run the latest and greatest php yet. We were also not running the latest board software. I upgraded this now, so any known vulnerabilities there should be solved now. Good thing the database and all messages were kept intact.
  15. I've been in Paris about a year ago and it's definitely the place for a perfect heelmeet. I would love to be there, but saddly finances don't alow it this time. So I wish you all a lot of fun and will be waiting for your reports!
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