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  1. Foot Training Diary

    What a great project to embark upon. Good luck and I hope it brings you the pain and pleasure you seek.
  2. Amy Winehouse - "F*ck Me Pumps"

    Not very sexy, but a few years ago in one of his whimsical moments Paul Merton asked whether one could have f*ck me socks...
  3. What did you wear to your office xmas do?

    Karen Millen red corset dress, Pretty Polly sandal toe 10 denier tights, red Freelance 4" strappy sandals, shoulder length blonde hair held up with pins, silver jewellery Daunting, challenging to dance all evening, but a conversation starter with many girls!
  4. Red Shoe Diary #1

    Francis, we're interested and I want to encourage you. Other than saying "good on you" I have little to add though. Keep up the good work.
  5. Story

    but in pink
  6. High Heeled Goddess Diary #1

    That cut out style is all over the catwalks at the moment. Stella McCartney even has vegan ones on display. Quite original
  7. Word Association Game

  8. What do you think about this?

    Micha, i LOVE those heels. I don't think it comes down to male/female, just whether they look right on you and you feel confident in them. A fraction of 1% of blokes could wear a David Beckham headband, but he gets away with it. If you look good and feel great then go for it. I'd love to wear a pair for a day.
  9. Story

    No, the GAP!
  10. Word Association Game

  11. Out and about in noisy heels

    I couldn't agree more. Wearing heels in public always involves attention whether one is male or female; noisy heels doubly so. The key factor is confidence. If one is confident one transfers the uncertainty as to whether the situation is "right" from the wearer to the watcher. And anyway, noisy heels are fun!
  12. The neighbours

    I guess my neighbours have realised I wear heels by now, after all I go to work in them a few times a week and wear them most week-ends. No-one has made an issue out of it.
  13. Today's outfit

    Laurieheels and Sue - it must be the phase of the moon or something. I had an all day meeting today, so I wore my grey tailored trouser suit with a blouse and tie. The trousers are 36" inside leg, so even with 5" strappy sandals on, my heels are only just visible. Needless to say it is great fun to tease a little by crossing my legs and revealing the full heel height.
  14. Seamed or fishnet? Which is best?

    Personally I tend to wear seams with a "fancy" shoe that needs no distraction and fishnets with a plain court or boot to liven up the look.
  15. Scrambling in high heels

    I took my young kids to a huge stately home with woodland today. We scrambled on the type of large fallen tree that everyone must have as a kid. A mother and young daughter joined us. The mother was very well dressed and looked fabulous in full make-up, skimpy top and long hipster jeans that showed a little of the 4" blade heel on her (presumably knee) boots. Amazingly this glamour-puss scrambled around on the tree and even walked along the top in her high heels (I used to do gymnastics and I struggled). Lady, whoever you are I salute you!