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  1. I just got these: Nice and cheap, reduced from £40 to £15 and have a rubber heel
  2. I've been out in various other pairs, but only at night. These how ever none of my trousers cover the heel, it's clear to see. I have a nice pair of 4" block heel trainers which I wear out at night, still haven't for the courage to wear them out in the day!
  3. Loving my new boots as per: http://www.hhplace.org/guys/15856-who_has_bought_some_new_boots-59.html#post265003 I'm no where near ready to wear these out, even for my midnight walks. But I love the feeling of my first pair of knee highs!
  4. I'm about a UK 9 however I tend to be able to squeeze into a UK8 - Shoes form new look appear to be fairly roomy. It's great as I can find most shoes I like in my size
  5. My first pair of knee highs, will keeps these for home use I think. Not my fav. style however at £25 reduced from £50 I had to give them ago. Should get them in the next few days!
  6. ImInHeels


    Snow is very rare where I am, at least it was until about 5 years ago. Now about once a year we get a light cover of snow. I went out for a short walk in a pair of my trainer heels. Nice rubber sole, not too nigh. Got to say loved seeing my footprints in heels in the snow. It would be a dead give away if someone was walking behind me. Sadly no photos, However if it's still like this tomorrow, I'll try and get some
  7. I probably live in one of the safer areas when it comes to violent attacks on people. I can count the number of murders in the last 10 years on one hand, maybe two. Muggings maybe 20 and sexual assaults are fairly low. I live in an area where the majority of all this happens! Just part of living in the town, where there is a lot of flats / lot cost accommodation. I still have a walk in my heels most nights and am getting more daring all the time.
  8. These are my newest pair! Just had a nice 1/4 a mile walk home in them (from the car)
  9. To see the shoes I'm talking about see New Boots: http://www.hhplace.org/guys/17918-new_job_new_shoes.html Old Shoes: http://www.hhplace.org/guys/15856-who_has_bought_some_new_boots-23.html#post241403 Just taken my first 1/2 mile midnight walk in these new boots. I walked in my other high heeled trainers with the 3.5" heel or so full rubber heel (no click), as I do often. I Went to move my car tonight to keep my free parking. I carried the new ones in a bag. I tried to walk home in them on the first night i got them, however I was too worried about the clicking from their Plastic heel and chickened out. Walking there I was passed by two fired engines, and 2 different groups of people returning from a night out. This time I was less phased then usual, looks like I'm getting more comfy with who I am, and wearing some heels. So I got to the large carpark, and I see two different cars whit people in them. One with a person on their own, and one with two people in. This is usually enough to put me off even wearing my rubber heeled trainers let alone some clicky ones! Anyway I move my car one or two spaces and decide to at least change into the new pair! I decide to put the other pair in the bag and in the boot of my car, a reason to at least get out for a small walk to make my mine up. 'Click' 'Click' 'Click' I thought to my self, no way I can walk home in these I shut the boot and set a target of a few cars down, I then remembered that I hadn't locked the door, walked back. Then thought It'll look strange if I have to go back in the boot and I should Man up! So walking down the Darker part hearing the clicking of the heel I try and power through it, moving towards the very well lit areas, lucky I'm wearing extra long jeans to help hide the 4.5" + heel. Which puts me mostly at ease. I didn't see anyone on the walk home, and I extended my walk along the main road to avoid a road where people often sit outside and smoke late at night. I'm not sure how I would have felt if I did walk towards anyone with the noise my heels were making, I know even with my quite heels at first I was a bit anxious. However I'm starting to get over that now, even if I am still only going out at night. Anyway it's 1am now and I should try getting some sleep before work tomorrow.
  10. Your right Roni, but I think I will wait a while before telling family
  11. Thanks Roni, If I could find them in black I would have brought them. I think part of me and why I don't heel more often is my Dads / Brothers attitude. For example, My brother won't even buy a silver car as he sees it as a girls colour. My dad finds it hard enough that i'm not already into football (Soccer to you Americans). Guess I just need to push past it!
  12. I'm very far away from Doncaster, as in Getting flights, and trains away.
  13. Like you I also only tend to go out in night, however I tend to stick to back streets (not always clever I know, but I live in the back streets of my town). It's rate I see someone but I tend to get a knot in my sromach, I want to turn around and walk the other way, but I know this will just draw more attention to myself. However I tend to go out in styles that are harder to detect that they are heels.
  14. I've started my new job, been paid and brought a new pair of heels to celebrate my new job. I wanted a pair that would push what I was wearing outside, I found a pair like the current one's I wear out at nights. The first pair had nice rubber heels no click. This new pair also had a rubber heel, however when I got them they had a big plastic tip. They are also 4.5" heel. The click makes me a lot less willing to wear them. However on the plus side, Comparing these to the other heels I wear out at night makes me wonder what the fuss is about with the other pair. Anyway attached is a few pics
  15. You could try freemans, also in the past I've found new look fairly discreet, however some items are just sent in a plastic style wrapping so you could feel the heels if you were to handle the package.
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