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  1. So everyone I've got a dilema, I really like to see these boots being worn, does anybody know some good ways to get a girl to wear or model shoes? If I can't I might just have to give them away to somebody who can make good use of them. If that's does happen anyone interested?
  2. I dont really know what I would prefer to talk about them, I was kind of hoping I could read some of what everyone said here and maybe relate or be inspired to think of something that attracts me to them. They belong(ed) to another female friend of mine who *helped* me for a while with my liking of heels. But I guess I might have over done it, after 4 or 5 months she got tired of it. So we grew apart and she left me her boots one day, in my highschool loocker LOL...of all places...
  3. Well, sadly, that isn't me. I'm actually 6'4 so you can imagine my shoe size! Tehe! That is a female friend of mine whom I somehow convinced to wear them on our date . I would wear them if I could
  4. http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu223/xaric/1241246454.jpg second pic =D
  5. I've got a pair of size 8 predictions brand High heel boots, they are about up to midcalf, black, scrunchy shaft. Im in love with them. heres a quick pic. http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu223/xaric/1241246429.jpg What do you guys think and would you wear them?
  6. Yeah, I am pretty happy. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Now would any body be able to direct me to somone *preferably a girl* I could flirt with about high heels =P. hehe
  7. Well. Currently I admire. I dont think ive been able to take that step yet. I dont know if I ever can. How ever...>.>. I kind of want to. And uhm...I dont really know what it is exactly. Its alot of things, the shape, color, sound, and mainly when I see a girl wear them and do any number of things I cant take my eyes off. Its brought me pain and joy. And I even have a pair of boots, but they used to belong a friend of mine, she gave them to me, took them back and gave them to me again. Which that happened 3 times i believe. But im grateful that she allows me to borrow so to speak. Heh, l
  8. First off, hello! I must say im very happy to have found this site! I've browsed the forums and read many posts and from I can see I'm among good people! . I'm still very shy about my attraction to heels I hope I can get to know everyone and maybe get some support. I'm 19, a guy, 6'4, 210, and I live in va, USA. Thanks for reading!
  9. 19. Also new to this site. Its actually kind of a relief to find other people in the same boat as me, well, similar. Im not a big fan of guys in heels but I do love heels ^.-
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