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    I really like these, from Frye. They have a 4 1/2 in heel with a 1/2 in sole.
  2. Dr. Shoe, When you mentioned army boots, were you thinking of these high heeled army boots? http://www.ninewest.com/Buren/5245829,default,pd.html?cgid=4426131&itemNum=105&variantSizeClass=&variantColor=DBRDBLE or http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/boots/mid-calf-boots/81632551-larner/38&flagid=wlaceup or http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-167279-COPITO.aspx?c=439 I think any of the above would look great with a skirt
  3. I found a pair of Frye Oxfords that I really like. They only go up to size 11. I usually wear a size 12, but depending of the shoe, I can sometimes get away with an 11. These are the shoes that I would like to get http://www.thefryecompany.com/Product-Women-Shoes-Heels-73631BRN.aspx. I don't want to spend that kind of money if they are going to be too tight. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. At most Nine West Outlet stores I see some really good sales associates, but sometimes I see totally clueless sales associates that are usually under the age of 30. The vast majority of their stock is from the previous season, but they occssionally will have some of the latest offerings. I also noticed that shoes from the regular stores are marked with the shoe name inside the shoe, while the same shoe from an outlet store has the same name printed inside, but it has an O on the end of the name, indicating outlet. This tells me that the company already determined what type of venue they are going to sell each shoe at as it leaves the factory. This makes me wonder if there is any difference in the quality, even though I can't actully see any difference.
  5. Basically what the local newscast said was that things may appear to be the same, but some retailers have found that they can make a second version of their items, using less expensive materials, and sell them at a discount compared to their main store items. Even though the price is discounted, the company is making as much profit on these items as their original items, due to the cheaper materials. I haven't noticed this in the shoes at Nine West, even though they are marked as outlet store shoes. Have any of you noticed any difference if quality between regular and outlet shoe stores?
  6. Recently I saw something on tv, where the newscaster was claiming that the quality of merchandise bought at brand outlet stores is lower that merchandise bought at the brand regular stores. Has anybody seen this when it come to shoes? I have been buying Nine West shoes for the last few years and I haven't seen any difference in the quality between the shoes in the outlets and the regular stores.
  7. Here's an update on the Jeffersonville, Oh Nine West Store. I have been there twice in the last two months and it appears that all of the employees are new. I had great experiences at this store, just like all of the other Nine West Stores I have been too. I never called the corporate office, even though someone here suggested that I complain to the Corporate office. Maybe someone else made a phone call. If so, thank you. The last time I was at this store, their stock of size 11 and 12 were very minimal. I made a comment about that and the manager said that they are in the process of restocking the store and more larger sizes will be in soon.
  8. Happy Feet, this problem happened more than once at this particular store. Each time there was a different clerk working the store, so it wasn't just one employee being rude to me. You may want to give this store a try and see if their attitude has changed, since it's been about six months since I was last there. The clerks were very friendly and helpful at first, but once I began trying on the shoes, their attitude changed for reasons unknown to me. I think that the problem comes from this area being extremely rural and extremely conservative. They don't take too kindly to people that are like themselves. It's just about midway between Columbus and Cincinnatti. I definetly won't return to this particular store.
  9. I, too, love the NW shoes. They fit well and are reasonably priced. I get treated well in all of the outlets that I've been to, except the one in Jeffersonville Ohio. This outlet is along I-71, between Columbus and Cincinatti. The few times that I've been to this store, the clerk will get me the size of shoe I'm interested in, then make a phone call. Within a few minutes, two armed security guards walk in and stare at me while I'm trying on the shoes. They don't say anything to me and just stand near the sales counter and talk with the clerk. They don't leave until after I leave the store. I don't think I'll make any purchases at this particular store. This is the only store that has made me feel uncomfortable. I've been to many NW outlets and DSW stores without any problems, in fact all of the other stores have been extremely welcoming and accommodating. Has anyone else had similar problems with the NW outlet store in Jeffersonville Ohio?
  10. You say that the pantyhose that you have worn have gotten ladders or runner in them. They are probably very delicate womens hosiery. If they ran while you were putting them on, your fingernails probably cause the problem. I usually put on a thin pair of rubber gloves, like the ones used in doctors offices, and don't get runs when putting on the pantyhose. I have worn Leggs, NoNonsense, Sears and JC Penney pantyhose. I like the JC Penney brand the best, out of all of the female pantyhose. I have since found Comfilon pantyhose. I wear this brand exclusively now, since the styles I wear have a flap for the male equipment. The style 549 is a very light support style without any sheen. The nude and suntan colors are almost completely unnoticeable in this style. I also wear style 677, which is a medium support style. The only thing I don't like about this style is there is considerable sheen, which means that they are very noticeable. If you have a problem with the fabric sliding down your legs, as you wear them, you probably haven't shaved your legs recently. The leg hair acts as a lubricant and the nylon will migrate down your legs as the day goes by. Nothing looks worse than very hair legs under sheen nylon pantyhose. Mens shoes aren't as smooth on the seam edges as womens shoes are. This means that you are more likely to get runs in your pantyhose when wearing mens shoes than you are when wearing womens shoes.
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