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  1. Thank you for the info Marcus, I'v been falling in love from the first image, since I saw them is like I want them in my feet.
  2. Does anyone know how much would be the price in $ US , is it around $285.00 . I wonder how long would it take to arrive. Also what is the size conversion of 44 in US.
  3. Yes I agree with you, I would rather to have an ankle strap belt.
  4. Thank you Mr. X , I like those pictures you placed too, specially from Eva Longoria, I placed a few from her somewhere in the posting. Thank you.
  5. If you are looking for Platforms, then check those out from Italian Heels
  6. Very lovely pictures Gary and Kneehight. Here are some from Victoria Beckham.
  7. Darling , read again what I wrote, I didn't say you would look similar to that graphic, besides I would quote a note to you if I was referring into that image.
  8. This picture would be something similar to appreciate riding in high heels boots. Click to Enlarge
  9. I'm a customer of Pierre Silber and I recomend 100% they are very responsible and they do between 5 to 7 working days shipping. Also I was looking for the same pair of boots , even I'm not a boot lover but they look pretty fetish to play on bed. The only problem is that I have strong ankle and I may break the metal eye laces.
  10. I love them too, but they are out of my budget to buy them.
  11. Actually I'm waiting from 6 inches heels forever to display their new pair of shoes (Ultra-P20) I'm interested on, still they are testing but it's similar to P20 Style. Here is the Link for 6inHF http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/pumpsframes.htm Here is the Link for La Piazza http://www.la-piazza-highheels.com/03__e.htm
  12. Rosario Dawson / Vanessa Minnillo / Jennifer Ellison
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