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  1. Please Help Id These Shoes

    I believe this style is called "d'orsay"?
  2. Please Help Id These Shoes

    Thanks, but it looks like the site isn't selling shoes though.
  3. Hi All, Can anyone help ID the brand of these shoes (see photo attached)? Thanks.
  4. How shoes are made

    It would be neat if you can buy shoes in kit form, containing pre-made pieces (i.e. heels, soles, &c.) that you have to put together with glue or pins following an instruction booklet before you can wear.
  5. Hi Alicia, I think you might like these pics of my friend wearing her boots on fur rugs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49436469@N05/sets/72157626524185875/

  6. High Heel Shoes and Animal Skin Rugs

    Whether to cover something or not, I just like the look of high heels and Ugg boots stepping on an animal skin rug. When I have friends coming over, and if the girls are wearing high heels or Ugg boots, I'd cover as much of my place as possible with fur rugs: a zebra skin at the entrance (which is normally there and the very first thing they'd step on as soon as they enter), a cowhide on the living room floor (also in its normal spot), an alpaca rug by the fake fireplace (normally in my room), and for the rest of the space in between, reindeer rugs and sheepskin rugs. I have a small place so it take just a few animal skin rugs to cover most of the floor.
  7. Photo Gallery - Shoes and Animal Skin Rugs

    Thanks. They must be on an animal skin rug that was once alive.
  8. Hi All, Just wondering, what are your thoughts on shoes on animal fur rugs? I enjoy seeing high heeled shoes, knee high boots, and yes, even UGG boots being worn while walking or stepping on rugs that were once alive, such as a sheepskin rug, zebra rug, cowhide, alpaca rug, or reindeer rug. I also think that fur rugs (especially sheepskins) are good alternatives to wearing shoes in bed as the latter case, high heels could puncture a bed while boots (and Uggs especially) will make a bed dirty.
  9. Hi All, Check out my new Flickr group archive of photos of women's boots and shoes on animal skin fur rugs: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1435413@N20/ There should be 23 photos as of now (including two that do not really belong as there are no fur rugs in the picture), NOT 18....why the rest is not showing I do not know...but it can be seen by joining the group using your Flickr account. Everyone is welcome to upload photos from ANY time period depicting ladies' shoes - being worn or not - on fur rugs. Photos of paintings from the renaissance period up to the introduction of photography are also acceptable as long as it shows a FUR RUG with a pair of woman's shoes/boots on it. Have a look: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1435413@N20/
  10. Sleeping with shoes ?

    See my previous reply to another thread regarding shoes while sleeping. Just cover the end of the bed with a fur rug, such as a sheepskin rug or reindeer pelt or some other animal skin rug, and you're good to go with your shoes on the mattress.
  11. Boots to bed

    Boots and high heels in bed should not be a problem if you protect/cover the bed sheet with a fur rug. I'd place a reindeer hide or sheepskin rug at the end of the bed if my partner was to wear her shoes in bed, as shaking the dirt off an animal skin rug is much easier than repairing/replacing a punctured bed!