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  1. Hi! http://www.solestruck.com/the-damned-mulder-mens-black-leather/index.html http://www.solestruck.com/the-damned-abner-mens-wheat/index.html They did it -- again!! k6ps PS Sorry if this post might sound like an advertisement. I'm not in any way affiliated with Solestruck (other than as a happy customer) -- just wanted to share this with you out of pure joy.
  2. Yes, i'm also a chunky heel guy. All my heels are more or less chunky, including several platforms and wedges. I never wear stilettos. k6ps
  3. 1. How old have you been, when you got your first heels? 32 2. What was the reason (i.e. special event like carneval/ halloween; because you lost a bet; because you felt in love for them). Always loved heels. Maybe i just became mature enough at that time to really wear what i like. 3. Who paid the bill? I did. 4. How much did you spend? About 60 EUR 5. How and where did you buy? on eBay 6. Were you allowed to wear them at home. Yes, the Mrs. was always fine with that (i got it right in the first place: married a girl with non-conformist mind (and good heart), me wearing heels has always seemed to her as a great idea ), and the kids were also fine as i explained that i like these kind of shoes. But the period i was wearing heels at home was short, then i started to wear them outside everywhere. Happy Heeling k6ps
  4. k6ps

    Jeffrey Campbell

    Hi, It is so nice that they have the Pixie in black suede too. I think i'm gonna order these next. I currently have 6 pairs of JC: Sincere in black, Charli C in black, Represent in yellow suede, Ad Long in pink, Gibson in patent dark red, and Tardy in black, and i'm wearing them quite often. I'm missing the Lita too. And Ford, Clift, Copen, etc. Happy Heeling k6ps
  5. Hi, During November, i never wore anything less than 4'' in public (except when doing sports training and garden work). That included work, all the customer meetings, the university lectures, a three-day conference in Antwerpen, Belgium, the school events of my kids, dancing eveings with my wife, supermarket visits, intercity trains and buses etc. Now i made a couple of flat days. It feels quite strange, i dont feel like myself I'm deeply addicted to heels. Happy Heeling k6ps
  6. She does -because i buy most of her shoes And makes me wear more heels. Happy Heeling k6ps
  7. k6ps

    Jeffrey Campbell

    TWO new mens' wedge models of the new brand "The Damned" by Jeffrey Campbell -- http://www.solestruck.com/the-damned-womens-shoes/ (i don't know why the link contains "womens-shoes" - they are MENS and also Solestruck says so in all other places). I just ordered the Tardy - to keep my toes above the mudd and snow. Happy Heeling k6ps
  8. Hi, Not really, it's just a way of using language that we have picked up with some of my colleagues and friends, just to make the talk more interesting So its a kind of slang. In Estonian it sounds weird too, and that's the purpose I just tried that in English. Happy Heeling k6ps
  9. Hi, K6ps wears block, cuban, wedge heels almost every day. At least 2,5'' but most often around 4''. To work, to university, to children's school events, to supermarkets, to night out with wife - basically everywhere. It is very common for k6ps to make whole long days (10-12 hours) on heels and visit various places during that. However, k6ps is NOT wearing heels: - when training or competing (bicycle, inline skate, running, x-country skiing) obviously - in and around the house (except when it is a long tedious homework day or when the children are not at home and k6ps is having fun together with his wife ) - about once a week at work, when k6ps has "flats day". This novadays tends to happen even less than once a week K6ps remembers only once or twice when he has had feet tired of heels. E.g. after 3 hours of active dancing on 4'' straight after 12-hour work and other stuff day on 4'' (but k6ps is not even sure that this was because of heels)... Happy Heeling k6ps
  10. Hi, K6ps is now using Chictopia for posting his photos. This is a friendly community, there are lots of unbelieveably beautiful ladies there and several looks of men wearing heels. Just posted the first shot - check out: http://www.chictopia.com/k6ps. K6ps especially appreciates any feedback Happy Heeling k6ps
  11. Yep. And that's 4'', not 2,5''. Happy Heeling k6ps
  12. Hi, K6ps's favorites: - Jeffrey Campbell - Rad Hourani - Rick Owens - John Fluevog - Gianni Barbato - Natacha Marrow What's common of all these: - they're mostly into "elegant alternative" kind of style - they mostly don't depress "mens" designs into small strict frames. Happy Heeling k6ps
  13. http://www.fluevog.com/code/?pp=1&view=detail&p=5&colourID=3323 - wow... Happy Heeling k6ps
  14. Hi, K6ps's latest purchases: - http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-ad-long-nude/index.html - just wanted to know what they feel like walking. - http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-gibson-dark-red-patent/index.html - very comfy, 5,5'' with 1,5'' platform that is still walkable, even danceable - http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-represent-mustard/index.html - really cute shoes, comfy too, but too high platform. It is rather 2,5'' than 2''. Yeah, here i tried the limits of platform height. I'll probably wear them in some very special occasions when i know i'll be indoors or even pavements only. All by my favorite designer. All from my favorite store. Happy Heeling k6ps
  15. Hi, k6ps is also wearing heels at work, almost daily, with no problems. 1) k6ps is a software architect in medium-sized software development company 2) a little more men than women 3) went straight to work on heels at day one, even to job interviews 4) a few glances of surprise, very positive reactions from the coolest ladies (who themselves wear extraordinary heels), mostly no reaction from men 5) don't know, maybe in a few days.. 6) about 2 years at the new workplace. 1 more year in the old workplace 7) 2,5 - 5'' boots, clogs, loafers, oxfords, platforms. With very masculine outfits, 70's kind of style. The shoes also looking rather masculine. No stilettos (so far) K6ps believes there are a few factors that contribute to good setup for wearing high heels at work: - it is an office kind of environment (or at least you're not required to wear special work outfit) - it is an industry where people are expected to be freaky and creative. Such as software development, graphics design, etc. (there are e.g. guys wearing really loud t-shirts and absolutely ridiculous haircuts at work at k6ps's office, these attract more attention than k6ps's heels ) - you are one of the more senior workers, or otherwise well-respected in your profession Happy Heeling k6ps
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