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  1. Yes I had, but as you say the heel isn't that high Ideally looking for a single-sole 5" heel. Hadn't seen that one in my searches but she says the heel is too pointy, cheers though! I've found a US seller of the 2002s that sells them for half the price. Might be worth it assuming P&P isn't too high, and I don't get stung too much for import duty.
  2. Thanks, they also came in a thigh length version which is equally unobtainable. Seems latex boots are hard to find. Ideally I'd like the thigh length pair (they're not for me, for the other half) as featured in Marquis' "Rubber Nurses", but Marquis never got back to me when I initially enquired about 8 years ago I think I'll see if I can get these cheaper elsewhere.
  3. Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this - it's more a help question than a retail question, feel free to move this if a moderator feels it's in the wrong place. I'm looking for some knee-length latex boots for my other half, in a size 6 if that makes any difference. I seem to only see one style, clearly from the same manufacturer because the photo is always the same, probably from China (not that that is a problem for me). The only ones I can see for sale from a UK website are these, http://www.sexyshoes.co.uk/seduce-2002-rubber-boot.html Anyone have experience of these boots, or this company? Failing that, does anyone know where I can spend more for a reliable, made-to-measure service? I only like to buy once. Thanks, Steve.
  4. Very sorry to hear of your troubles. I too have noticed the decline in the manufacture of good quality fetish footwear over the past ten years. My girlfriend (she wears the shoes, not me) is simply not interested in "fashion" footwear, they all look the same, and aside from one specific YSL style we could not care less, especially about Louboutins and the like. So copied, so common, so boring. We wish you the best of luck and hope you will continue your business. We bought some fantastic 6" strappy sandals from you late last year, and we will continue to do so. Steve.
  5. Cool, thanks. Are you able to make anything to order then? My other half would love another pair of the red soled boots made to measure, but in purple leather with a jade green sole ...
  6. Are these for sale on the site yet? All I see are: http://www.elite-heels.com/shop/product_info.php?info=p88_Pu-cc-sl-Peep-Toes-with-small-platform.html Which are clearly not as high - unless they are very different sizes but the same height heel.
  7. They arrived yesterday while I was at work, girlfriend picked them up this morning. They look better in the flesh than in the photo and look very good on her
  8. Well, after sending Elite another email using their online form I had a reply that day from Gerhard, who advised me of sizing and stock, so I placed an order which went through fine. Got payment details sent the next day (since it was after working hours) and paid (which was yesterday). They're being sent out today. That was painless
  9. I agree, it wouldn't take a minute to reply - then they'd get my money. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find anywhere else that sells those specific boots, unless anyone knows any different? I don't mind getting them made to measure. They are these ones in case anyone recognises them, http://www.elite-heels.com/shop/product_info.php?info=p132_Fetish-High-Heels---Knee-Boots-with-red-soles.html
  10. I was going to buy the lace-up knee-length red-sole boots from Elite, but they haven't responded to my query about sizing yet. It's only been 5 days though, but it was a quick question! Anyone have experience with their sizes? Should I order a size above? My girlfriend is getting a bit needy, and I need to see her out in them
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