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  1. tech, I think I still focused on the heels, that was the intention anyway. Apologies if I offended anyone. Cheers
  2. Thanks heelguy & bubba! Will share when I have new adventures to talk about... have to think of some first though! So let me know if you got ideas :-)
  3. Hi people, finally went on a heeling adventure last week... planned it for a while already and just got around to it now. Basically, the idea was that I'd be in one of the parks around here, at around 7 when it's already dark, in my favourite outfit at the moment, having to go for a walk. So I started the adventure by walking around the lake in the park, still in my normal clothes. I had a pair of wire cutters with me that I hid half way around the lake, together with my car keys. It's not massive, but still a fair walk... took me about 10 minutes for the return trip. Back at my car (I left it unlocked), I got changed. I put on my black pantyhose, skirt, and heels. And I attached a cable tie to my left wrist and pulled it tight. I slipped another cable tie through it, and got out of the car. I have gone for a couple of walks in heels before, but always with long pants that covered the heels. So stepping out of the car in my skirt (which really is quite short - see attached photo...) was already a fair bit of excitement! But I really wanted to finish my adventure. I waited a couple more minutes to make sure there was no one else around, and then I locked the car. So already I'd have to go to get my keys. But to make it even more exciting, I took a deep breath, put my hands behind my back, slipped my right hand through the loose cable tie, and pulled as hard as I could... and was trapped! I can tell you, my heart started to beat harder than it ever has before, just in that moment of no return!!! Realising that the longer I'd wait the more likely it'd be for someone else to show up, I started walking. I've never heard so many noises or seen so many shadows before in my life! As I said, it was dark, but there's some fairly major roads going around the park, and there's quite a bit of light from those. And then, just maybe 100 metres from the car, I heard another noise, but this time together with lights coming from the entry to the park... another car!! My heart started to beat even harder. I started to run. Probably not the best idea to run in heels with your hands tied securely behind your back, but I managed not to fall. I guess all the training at home paid off You can feel the heels so much more in this situation... thinking back, it was the most exciting feeling in my life! When I finally got to the wire cutters, I struggled to cut the cable ties... they are pretty heavy duty ones... didn't want to be able to escape :-) I actually had to sit down to press them against the ground to cut them. Once I was free I tried my best to make it back to the car as quietly as I could. Especially the last couple of metres... I didn't know where the other car went. Turned out, the car wasn't there. Whoever it was probably saw my car and just moved on. Hope you like my story! Tried to repeat my adventure a couple of days ago, but there was like 5 cars in the car park, and that's a little too public for me. And I actually was a little bored... I guess I need something a bit different. Maybe I should add a gag or something like that (I guess you guys figured out by now that I also like bondage). Let me know if you have any ideas for further adventures!
  4. No I meant I did say it was late for my introduction Read your story, and well done on taking that step!! Don't think I'm quite there yet, but we're working on it...
  5. I did say that, didn't I... Yeah I'm Melbourne too!
  6. Hi everyone, have been following this forum for a while, but never actually introduced myself... how rude Well, better late than never... I'm a guy, 27, straight, and love to wear high heels. And they just look best with a skirt. That's about it! I figure pictures say a lot more than words, don't they! so here's a few combinations. Don't have a massive selection, but we're working on that ;o) Hope you like! Cheers
  7. I know it's an old post... just got mine delivered last week, the black & white teeze-20, and I do love them! Not usually a fan of platforms but I do like the hidden platform/ankle boot style. They're quite comfy if you ask me, and have a very rounded platform which makes it quite ok to walk in them. As danielp mentioned before... male-heeler-opinion... so take it or leave it
  8. Name: Vince Age: 28 Gender: Male Location: Melbourne Occupation: IT Height: 189cm Weight: 76kg Shoe size: 8-9 What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: classic pumps, ankle boots, ballet boots Do you wear your heels outside: not really so far... only in the dark on a very quiet road What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 5.5" - 6" ( Your highest heel height: ballets How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: at least once a week! ( Your highest heel height: close to the same Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: depends on the mood I'm in! Anything else you wish to add: I love skirts with my heels, but outside it's always been long pants so far...
  9. hey malinheels & heelguy, I'm still up for it, but due to work it'd have to be fairly late, sort of 6pm onwards. or before 8am. and sorry but I'm still not ready for the city... i'm sure it's not that different but i'm yet to become more confident in going all out in the 'burbs (i mean dress & heels).
  10. Hey guys, sorry I've been quiet, lots of work for me as well at the moment. Generally can't make it during the day due to work. But if anythings happening from 5 onwards on the eastern side I'll try my best! Cheers Vince
  11. yay - so there are others after all! malinheels, as much as i love the idea, I don't think I'm up for the city... I really don't want to run into anyone I know and I know way too many people (that's what it feels like anyway)!
  12. Hi, just wondering if there's anyone in Melbourne who'd be up for a meet up or something... I'm a bit of a newbie and would love to go for a walk somewhere maybe not too public to start... Cheers Vince
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